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May 11
Avec l'Auteur : Olivier Bodart Online Event (in French) Alliance Française de Chicago
May 11
The Art of Losing by Alice Zeniter ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookshop 972 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10075
May 11
The Art of Losing by Alice Zeniter ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookshop 972 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10075

French Films at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival

Still from "Storytellers and Story Keepers"

The 35th annual Festival runs from November 1—November 9, 2018 at eight Chicago-area venues and presents on average 250 new films from 40 countries including from France.

This year’s Festival theme BUILD focuses on empowering kids and teens to “Build a new world” by constructing bridges across divides, engaging with empathy-driven storytelling, and using creative problem solving to build confidence. 

The Festival is presented by Facets, a nonprofit that connects over 30,000 people annually to independent ideas through transformative film experiences.

Supported by Kids Trail, a program of the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and the FACE Foundation dedicated to children and families.

French Films

Looney Foodz 
Nov. 4 | 9:30am | Facets Theatre 1

Join the friends and family members in this shorts program dedicated to celebrations, food explorations, and all things yummy. Languages: English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Hakka Chinese, German, Czech, Dutch, nonverbal

Makers and Shakers
November 3 | 9:30am | Facets Theatre 1 

These game changers are getting it done! In one film, an ant is the rogue in the colony and is definitely not staying on the beaten path. Languages: English, French, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, nonverbal

Tales with Tails
November 4 | 9:30am | Wilmette Theatre 1 
This collection of films stars curious critters who love going on fun adventures. Language: English, French 

The Highway Rat
November 4 | 12:30pm | Gorton Community Center

For fans of the beloved books from Scottish author Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo), the latest animated version to hit the screen is here. Languages: English, French, Japanese, nonverbal

Animation Station
November 4 | 5:00pm | Gorton Community Center

The animated short films from around the world in this collection have piqued the interest of our Festival tween focus group! Languages: English, Guaraní, nonverbal

Best Laid Plans
November 3 | 9:30am | Wilmette Theatre 1 
November 3 | 10:00am | Davis Theatre 2

What does one do when plans go awry? The quirky characters in this collection of animated shorts come up with totally brilliant plans, of course! Languages: English, French, nonverbal 

Family Ties
November 3 | 7:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

Love and connections with family members are what’s important to the characters in this collection of short films. Languages: French, English, Armenian, nonverbal 

A Little Savoir-Faire
November 7 | 9:45am | Alliance Française 
November 8 | 10:00am | Alliance Française
November 9 |10:00am | Alliance Française 

This French-language collection of animated shorts contains lessons and tales, both old and new. These are school screenings but are open to the public. Language: English, French, Nonverbal

No More Copycat
November 3 | 9:45am | Facets Theatre 2

What can we rely on to be a source of good information? What are the rules for “borrowing” someone else’s hard work? Languages: French, German, Mandarin 

Out and About
November 3 | 11:00am | Wilmette Theatre 1
November 4 | 3:00pm | Gorton Community Center 

These adventurous folktales are full of giants, barnyard misfits, and excitement. Languages: English, French 

Storytellers and Story Keepers
November 3 | 3:00pm | Logan Center for the Arts 

From France to the Congo, these tales are filled with magic and life lessons, featuring a new version of Arabian Nights. Languages: English, French, Lingala, Guaraní, Arabic 

Courts du Collège 
November 4 | 1:30pm | Facets Theatre 2

From folklore about magical tortoises to long standing rivalries between the Big Bad Fox and Wolf, these French-language films are full of curious critters and adventure. Languages: English, French, nonverbal

Straight and Narrow
November 3 | 3:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

The characters in this collection of shorts have to listen to their inner voices when it comes time to make decisions. Languages: English, French, Spanish, Norwegian, Estonian, Russian, nonverbal

Edgy Animation 1
November 3 | 3:15pm | Facets Theatre 2
November 8 | 8:30pm | Facets Theatre 1

Edgy Animation 1 presents the freshest, most interesting international animated films. This program features the best in animation’s varied approaches and style. Languages: English, French, Mandarin Chinese, nonverbal

Edgy Animation 2
November 2 | 7:00pm | Facets Theatre 1
November 3 | 9:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

Films in this second installment of the best out-there animations were inspired by Neil Gaiman and Hieronymus Bosch. Content Advisory: Strobe warning. Languages: English, French, nonverbal

Journeys and Generations
November 4 | 5:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

Family connections sustain the characters in this collection through thick and thin. Languages: English, French, Portuguese, Hebrew, Albanian 

French Language Film

Dreamers Only, Please
November 3 | 5:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

The dreamers and adventurers in this collection of short films follow their passions. In one film, a resourceful Chilean boy takes a side job to earn money and might get more than he thought. Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Fulah, Wolof, French, nonverbal

Films Co-Produced by France

Girl Boss: Rearview Mirrors
November 8 | 7:00pm | Facets Theatre 1

The teens in this collection of short films reflect on identity, friendships, and female empowerment. Languages: Portuguese, English, German, nonverbal 

For a full list of films featured at the Chicago International Children's Film Festival, download the 2018 Schedule