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Black Expressionism from the Caribbean Today

© Sébastien Mehal, Portrait # II / Diptyque

For the first time, four French Caribbean artists and photographers – Robert Charlotte, Mirtho Linguet, Sébastien Mehal and Shirley Rufin – are being presented jointly in a gallery in Miami, the Lélia Mordoch Gallery in Wynwood. The gallery already represented Sébastien Mehal among its artists, but discovered the three others through the Tout-Monde Festival, the first Caribbean contemporary arts festival launched in Miami in March 2018 by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA, in partnership with the France Florida Foundation for the Arts.

Through this show, the gallery is questioning the potential links between Caribbean contemporary art and Expressionism. On a purely aesthetic level, intense colors and provocative shapes expressing subjective moods or emotions seem to be a common ground. From a social point of view, both movements have in common the endeavor to challenge dominant social or political codes or establishment. But differences remain, as Caribbean contemporary artists seem to find their specificity in cosmopolitism and universality.

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About the artists
Robert Charlotte was born in Martinique, where he works and lives. He is a photographer who explores Caribbean portraits. He is a creator of pictorial portraits, in which are concentrated the collective history of a place and different trajectories of beings.

Mirtho-Crépin Linguet was born in French Guiana, where he lives and works. Linguet uses photography to express his vision of a dominant world and question the artificial world shown today in magazines and on television imposing their codes and values.

Sébastien Mehal was born in Martinique to a mixed father with English parents and a Caribbean mother. Sébastien Méhal moved to Paris, where he lives and works, to study architecture and audiovisual production. In his work, he questions social hierarchies and urban verticality. 

Shirley Rufin was born in Paris to a Martinican father and St.Lucian mother with English origins. She grew up and studied in Martinique, where she lives and works. She focuses on the taboo of nudity in post-colonial Caribbean societies. She uses the photographic image as a tool to manipulate reality.

About the gallery
Member of the Professional Committee of Art Galleries, Lélia Mordoch opened her gallery in Paris in 1989 in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. From abstract art in the early years, the gallery has expanded its artistic field by presenting mural sculpture, and other media. From the beginning of the 90s, Lélia Mordoch began to exhibit the works of GRAV artists (Garcia Rossi, The Park, Morellet, Sobrino, Stein and Yvaral). In 2009, for the gallery’s 20th birthday, Lélia Mordoch opened a second gallery in Miami.

Today the gallery presents artists such as Michel Paysant and Miguel Chevalier, pioneers of digital art, but also kinetic artists like Julio le Parc who had his first retrospective in the USA at the Perez Art Museum Miami in 2017. In almost 30 years of passion for art, the gallery has presented more than 135 solo exhibitions and 60 group exhibitions. It also has an active presence at the art fairs, with more than 120 participations in France and abroad.

Opening reception on October 23rd at 6pm - Open to the public
Contact: Daniel Fiorda, Director, 786 431 1506 - lelia.mordoch.gallery@gmail.com