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Desert X 2019

Image provided by Matthew Schum

Desert X 2019 will be taking place from February 9 to April 21, 2019. Located in Southern California, this event brings artists to the Coachella Valley to create art, engage viewers, and focus attention on the valley’s environment. Specifically, emphasis is place on its natural wonders, as well as the socio-political-economic issues that make it vibrant, curious, and exciting. ​

This year a variety of artists will be involved, including Iván Argote. Argote is a Columbian artist based in Paris who creates installations, sculptures, and films that explore the relationships between politics and history that construct our public and personal lives.

With the support of the VIA Art Fund, Argote will be presenting A Point of View. Curated by Matthew Schum, A Point of View is an interactive sculpture installed at an elevation above the Salton Sea, a manmade body of water that has been California’s largest lake for the past century.

From platforms near the sea’s North Shore, the audience may communicate with each other or turn to the landscape. A Point of View registers diurnal, geologic, and mechanized time in this section of the ever-progressing San Andreas Fault. It also addresses the long arch of memory contained in Argote’s blend of pre-Columbian and brutalist architecture.

The assembled sculptures function as sundials representing time in fragmentation. Seashells and imprints of marine life centuries-old can still be detected in close proximity to where A Point of View temporary sits, bringing Argote’s many reflections on time and scale full circle.

Desert X is free and open to the public.