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Les Filles du Calvaire presents Edouard Wolton at Felix Art Fair

Crédits: amartfilms.com ©2016

For its debut, the Felix LA Fair is bringing together around fifty international galleries at the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

Some fifteen French galleries will present works by French artists: among them Les Filles du Calvaire will exhibit Edouard Wolton's work.

On this occasion, Marie Magnier, the associate director, answered our questions:

Which artist from the gallery are you presenting?

The artist that we have chosen to present is Edouard Wolton. Born in 1986, Edouard Wolton is a French artist who lives and works in Paris.

Edouard Wolton’s recent pictoral practice is based on one guiding theme: the painting of landscape; more precisely, the tradition of the composed landscape, is not painted from nature but in the studio, using different elements of the landscape to compose an imaginary landscape, an ideal, a vision of the mind rather than a realist representation.

He received his diploma from Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2010. In 2017, he presented a solo exhibition entitled Cosmos at the Musée de minéralogie de l’Ecole des Mines and participated in Printers Matters in Paris. Recently, he has also taken part in several exhibition collectives in Paris and in his region, namely at the Consulate, at the gallery RueVisconti, at the Maison Rouge, and at the event Sèvres OutDoors in 2016.

Which is the work presented on stand?

The work presented at the fair is an oil on a 140 x 120 cm canvas: black hole is an imaginary representation of a black hole and the many chromatic perturbations engendered by the faraway physical phenomenon. Anchored in a reflection of the luminous nocturnal phenomenons at the frontiers of our perception, black hole presents an outlook of our conceived reality where scientific knowledge and poetry, in a ballet of colors, are in conversation between figuration and abstraction. 

Why have you chosen to take part in the Felix Art Fair?

We have chosen to participate in this project at the CPGA initiative because it is a beautiful opportunity to promote a French artist in the realm of Los Angeles arts. The artist will go to the fair and we hope that that he will be able to meet commissioners, institutions and collectives whom he otherwise would not have had the chance to meet.