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May 26
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POSTPONED | The Confession Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

Brice Matthieussent

Acclaimed French translator Brice Matthieussent is coming to the United States to discuss the English translation of his award-winning first novel, Revenge of the Translator (Deep Vellum, translated by Emma Ramadan), originally published in French under the title Vengeance du traducteur

Revenge of the Translator follows Trad, who is translating a mysterious author’s book, titled Translator’s Revenge, from English to French. The book begins as a series of footnotes written by Trad as he justifies the edits he makes. As the novel progresses, Trad begins to take over the writing, methodically breaking down the work of the original writer and changing the course of the text fundamentally. The lines between reality and fiction start to blur as Trad’s world overlaps with the characters in Translator’s Revenge, who seem to grow more and more independent of Trad’s increasingly deranged struggle to control the plot. Revenge of the Translator is a brilliant, rule-defying exploration of literature, the act of writing and translating, and the often complicated relationship between authors and their translators.

Brice Matthieussent is an award-winning translator of over 200 novels from English into French, including the writings of Jim Harrison, for which translations he was awarded the 2013 Prix Jules Janin from the Académie française. In 2000, he was awarded the UNESCO-Françoise Gallimard Prize for his translation of Robert McLiam Wilson’s Eureka Street. His other translations include the works of Jack Kerouac, Henry Miller, Annie Dillard, Rudolph Wurlitzer, and Charles Bukowski. Revenge of the Translator is his first novel, and was awarded the Prix du style Cultura upon publication in France in 2009.