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Oct 17
A Dance, Reunited Atlanta Contemporary
Oct 17
Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy
Oct 17
Joy Sorman & Catherine Lacey in Conversation ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookstore/French Embassy

22nd Annual Chicago European Film Festival

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans by Bruno Dumont

From March 8 through April 4, the Gene Siskel Film Center brings the creative diversity and excitement of Europe to Chicago, with the 22nd Annual Chicago European Union Film Festival. This largest festival in North America exclusively showcasing films originating in the European Union brings the vibrant cultures of Europe to the comfort of your theater seat, with 60 Chicago premieres representing all 28 EU nations.


Gaspard at the Wedding by Antony Cordier
March 8 & 12, 2019
When his father gets remarried, Gaspard must return home to the family zoo. Afraid to deal with his siblings, he convinces a stranger, Laura, to be his date. Starting off as a meet-cute rom-com, it expands into a portrait of Gaspard's unusual family. Cordier manages not only to make these wacky situations believable, but to give them real emotional depth, delivering an unexpectedly poignant romance. Part of our Young French Cinema Program

Rock'N Roll by Guillaume Canet
March 10 & 14, 2019

Like a farcical French twist on A STAR IS BORN, this movieland meta-comedy combines show-biz satire with a hilarious yet harrowing take on the extremes to which male insecurity can go. Filled with insider jokes and cameos (Johnny Hallyday, Yves Attal, Ben Foster), Rock 'N Roll is bracingly and gleefully cynical--there is no moral, nobody learns any lessons, and the only cure for excess seems to be more excess.

The Sower by Marine Francen
March 16 & 18, 2019
Winner of the New Directors Award at the San Sebastian Film Festival, this striking first feature tells a haunting, fable-like story based on real events that took place in the mid-19th century. In her first film, director Francen creates a lyrical, sensual atmosphere with crystalline, sun-drenched cinematography that rates comparison with Days of Heaven.

A Faitful Man by Louis Garrel
March 17 & 21, 2019
A couple's relationship becomes complicated when she leaves him for his best friend, and returns after he dies. Scripted by the indefatigable Jean-Claude Carrière (At Eternety's Gate, numerous Buñuel classics), actor Garrel's second film as director displays an appreciation for the perversities of human nature and a deft juggling of tones, as the film walks a tightrope between rom-com, film noir, and black comedy.

Sparring by Samuel Jouy
March 22 & 25, 2019
Kassovitz (Amèlie, Munich) brings tremendous conviction and battered dignity to first-time director Jouy's effectively understated tribute to the unsung palookas and stumblebums of the boxing world, who find fulfillment in endurance rather than glory. Part of our Young French Cinema Program

Coincoin and the Extra-Humans by Bruno Dumont
March 23 & 28, 2019
A brilliant second season of Bruno Dumont’s superb series revolving around “Li’l Quinquin” features aliens, refugees and our favourite madcap cops. An abundantly odd spin on Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Coincoin finds Dumont extending his recent string of off-kilter comedies and adding a dash of science fiction for good measure, ramping up the slapstick absurdity while maintaining a sense for the sort of deadpan grotesquerie that has long been his stock-in-trade.

Whatever Happened to My Revolution by Judith Davis
March 30- April 1, 2019
In this hilarious, whip-smart comedy, first-time director Judith Davis examines the frustrations of a generation that came of age after the fall of the Berlin Wall, hearing that the world was better before, yet that there are no more alternatives. Part of our Young French Cinema Program