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CORNERSTONE: Etienne Rougery-Herbaut and Samdi

Etienne Rougery-Herbaut and Samdi, Man with the Black Hat, 2019.

Introducing the Brannan Mason Gallery (BMG), a new contemporary art gallery that is debuting on March 2, 2019. Dedicated to social impact, BMG will be opening a 4,500-square-foot-space in downtown Los Angeles’ arts district.

The founder of BMG, Brannon Mason, wanted to create a place that transcended the typical scope of representing artists and their exhibitions. As a result, BMG aims to become a space where art is thought-provoking and where a community can be built. Furthermore, BMG will be a place to support artists and pressing causes.

As part of Mason’s mission toward making a social impact, a minimum of 10 percent of the gallery’s earning from artwork sold will be dedicated to vetted non-profit organizations. Additionally, each donation will be made in the name of the buyer. of each work.

At BMG, all exhibitions center around a distinct cause that the artist is passionate about. As the amount of exhibitions grow over time, case studies will be published that detail the impacts of the donated funds and the continuing effects.

“CORNERSTONE” will be the inaugural exhibition at BMG’s opening. Presenting the U.S. debut of French photographer Etienne Rougery-Herbaut and Haitian artist Samdi, the first show will support the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Southern California. Donations made will specifically benefit the Immigrants’ Rights Project.

Etienne Rougery-Herbaut and Samdi are talented artists. Rougery-Herbaut started taking pictures in the streets in Paris when he was just 16 years old where he learned the intense relationship that exists between photographer and subject. Rougery-Herbaut holds a Master of Art History and Production from the University of Paris-Est in Paris, France. He also studied at the National Institute of Audiovisuel in Photography.

Samdi (Xavier Delatour), who is based in Port-au-Prince, Haïti, has been influenced by Saint Soleil, a Haitian art movement founded by painter and sculptor Jean-Claude (Tiga). In 1973, Samdi helped found the Saint Soleil School of Haitian painting. Samdi has exhibited across Haiti at venues including Kolektif 509, The MUPANAH, and the Mercedes Benz Showroom. Samdi further enhanced his education and studied film directing at the New York Film Academy.

Be sure to visit the Brannan Mason Gallery starting on March 2 to see “CORNERSTONE” and support the ACLU’s Immigrants’ Rights Project!