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Artists-in-residence: Arnaud Dezoteux

Mock up for "The New Kid" provided by Arnaud Dezoteux

Arnaud Dezoteux will be starting a residency in collaboration with Mayeur Projects in Las Vegas, NM starting on March 17 until May 24, 2019. During this Étant donnés Contemporary Art sponsored residency, Dezoteux will be working on a project titled The New Kid.

The New Kid manifests in the form of a movie and a solo exhibition in Mayeur Projects gallery. For this exhibition, Dezoteux drew inspiration from the life of Billy the Kid, a famous outlaw who spent a significant part of his life in New Mexico. 

According to stories, Billy the Kid was put in jail in the old adobe building which is now the back part of Mayeur Projects gallery. However, like this legand, Billy the Kid's life is surrounded by unanswered questions and mythology.

With so many doubts in mind, uncertainty surrounds Billy the Kid and these questions are reflected in The New Kid. Like Dezoteux's previous projects, this research project will confront questions of the myth and the idealized image of a personality (in the cultural industries), which infuences our perceptions and feeds our praises. 

During the residency, Dezoteux will be contacting certain individuals in the hopes of updating the life of Billy the Kid. As the artist explained, "I will work on the stereotypes from the inside, deconstruct the cultural drivers and develop alternative representations." 

Dezoteux is a French artist that has exhibited in France, Italy, Cambodia, and is now presenting in the U.S. for the first time. A graduate of École Nationale Supérieure d’Art de Bourges, Science Po Paris, and École Supérieure des Beaux Arts de Paris, don't miss the chance to see the works of this talented creator. 

As part of the residency,The New Kid will have events for the community to take part in--More info to come!