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Tout-Monde Festival: Day 1 at Koubek Center


The second edition of the Tout-Monde Festival will open at the Koubek Center with a series of teaser performances of the festival's program and a conversation ‘From Echo-World to Echo-Natures’  with Valerie Loichot, Professor at Emory University, author of “Entours d’Edouard Glissant,” and Fanny Glissant, followed by the live concert INSULA with pianist Maher Beauroy’s trio and live Caribbean Jazz by Caribbean Jazz Proyecto.


Echo-Natures Welcoming Performance – 6pm
(Outdoor Court)

Inaugural speeches – 6.30pm

Special Guest: Bernice Steinbaum, “Survivor of the Art world” & Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy

Introductions by Vanessa Selk, Cultural Attache of the French Embassy’s Cultural Services

Opening conversation: ‘From Echo-World to Echo-Natures’
Valerie Loichot, Professor at Emory University, author of “Entours d’Edouard Glissant”
Fanny Glissant, Film director

Opening concert – 7.30pm

Maher Beauroy, Fayçal Salhi, Daniel Dantin

“It was politics, not music, which first inspired the daring blur of Arabic tradition, jazz improvisation and Caribbean groove that drives the trio Insula. At the project’s conceptual core is Martinican pianist Maher Beauroy and Franco-Algerian oud player Redha Benabdallah, whose distinct musical upbringings created the conditions for the project’s fusion. But long before picking up their instruments, they bonded over shared socio-political beliefs shaped by the shadows of colonialism. Sitting around the piano, they soon discovered their sociological experiences were mirrored musically in ways they did not anticipate. The Creole scales and rhythms of Beauroy’s youth often fitted intuitively with those of Benabdallah’s Maghreb heritage.” * Quickly, other musicians like Adriano Tenorio, Fayçal Salhi, Daniel Dantin took part in the project.

*R.Garratt, “Insula: a musical bond formed in the shadows of colonialism”, The National, Apr.10th, 2018.

Reception – 8.15pm
Live Caribbean Jazz by Rey Guerra Jr, Amed Torrecilla, Coki Sarria Linares

Caribbean Jazz Proyecto is the union of three Cuban passionate musician with an extensive experience in the Jazz, Jazz fusion popular music from latin, rock to the cuban folklore.

Amed Torrecilla is a composer, besides playing the saxophone flute and the piano, Amed is an avid clarinet player. Rey Guerra, bass player, composer and luthier has been remarked for his multiple collaboration with artists from around the world. Coki Sarria Linares is a self-made and endowed with an amazing energy, mastering the batas drums like the congas, the rhythms of Cuban folklore, “sound” and jazz.