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Tout-Monde Festival: Day 4 at Little Haiti Cultural Complex


Day 4 of the Tout-Monde Festival 2019 proposes a series of artistic events for teens and adults alike at the Little Haiti Cultural Complex. The professional workshop "Programming Caribbean performing arts" and the Tout-Monde Teens! program will be followed by the official opening of the visual arts exhibition "Canibal Desire" and the dance performance Biosphere.

Little Haiti Cultural Complex – Auditorium
Saturday, Mar. 16th, 2019, 11am-12.30pm

“Programming Caribbean performing arts” 
Moderator: Rosie Gordon Wallace, Founder and Director of DVCAI and Adviser for “Art of black Miami”,

Michel Hausmann, Artistic Director of the Colony Theater
Case study on “Our town”

Manuel Césaire, Director of Tropiques Atrium, Martinique
Case study on the new vision for the “Tropiques Atrium”

Beth Boone, Director of Miami Light Project
Case study on the Global Cuba Fest 

Giscard Bouchotte, Independant Curator
Case study on “Raranaval”

Video presentation of the Edge Zone Performance Arts Festival, founded by Charo Oquet

Little Haïti Cultural Complex – Outdoor Stage
Saturday, Mar. 16th, 2019, 4.30pm

Biosphere by Company Mounka from Guadeloupe
Breakdance Workshop

Little Haiti Cultural Center (Art Gallery) 
Saturday, Mar. 16th, 2019, 6pm

Echo-Nature – Cannibal Desire

Exhibition on view from March 13-April 17, 2019

Cannibal Desire responds to the powerful pulsions, longings, and fantasies of a violence from another time. In this project, the dimension of power defines an ambition, which aims at multiplying new sensations and experiences, free of any rule and form of control. The impetus of cannibal desire thus becomes a state of consciousness, a way to consider the world. The Cannibal Desire exhibition is composed of 11 Caribbean artists, who share an emerging artistic international journey. Through some selected paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos and performances, the curator Jean-Marc Hunt, tries to explore a poetic state of transe, similar to an unlimited fantasy with all sorts of possibilities.

By Curator Jean-Marc Hunt and associate curator Marie-Vickles

In presence of artists : Stephen Arboite, Minia Biabiany, Morel Doucet, Gwladys Gambie, Pepe Mar, Gerno Odang, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, Ramon Ngwete, Vickie Pierre, Juan, Ernesto Requena, Keisha Witherspoon, Ronald Cyrille,Tim Frager, Samuel Gelas, Cédrick Isham, Jérémy Paul, Raymond Médélice, Kelly Sinnapah Mary Steek.

Live music by
(court yard)
Caribbean Steel band from Mast Academy and Trinidad & Tobago (Courtyard)

Institute of Contemporary Art, Miami – Theatre
Saturday, Mar. 16th, 2019, 8pm

The “Biosphere” Project is a three-act saga named: “The Alpha”, “Sapiens”, and “The Omega”. The first part, the Alpha, was created on Saturday November 25, 2017 in Sonis’s Cultural Center. José Bertogal choreographed its creation and created the soundtrack. Biosphere was presented by the Mounka Company and was co-produced by AGIC (Guadeloupean Agency of Cultural Engineering) and the Soulshine Association. The first act, The Alpha, represents the different steps to form Earth and life evolution: Big Bang, passage of time, the rain, oceans, emergence of life, first cells, homo sapiens. The dance also explores the four elements: earth, water, fire and air, and their fusion which created God.

This workshop will enable students to learn about the scenography of such a dance project, from the dance itself to the clothing, the soundtracks and the lights. The public will learn about the evolution of Humans and Beings, in the context of the “Echo-Natures” edition of the Tout-Monde Festival. The teenagers will be invited to partake in dance courses and lear.

With Company Mounka / Choreography and soundtrack José Bertogal, and  Jonathan Colombo Michael Larifla, Mickael Top, Kenya Stanislas