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Les Amoureuses at the Show Gallery

‘Les Amoureuses Totem’ by Olivia Fougeirol

SHOW Gallery will be presenting Les Amoureuses on March 30 through May 19, 2019. For this collective exhibition, French artists Olivia Fougeirol, Francesca Gabbiani, Marie Peter-Toltz, and Joséphine Wister Faure will come together and explore the subject of love.

As female artists and mothers, ideas of love resonate with the artists, leading them to have chosen Los Angeles as their base for inspiration. While each of these artists experience love in different ways, they all come together for this exhibition. 

French photographer Fougeirol's images document her life and experiences from her perspective as a foreigner in LA. Fougeirol experiements with stitching, sculpture, and ceramic to engage with things unfamiliar to her. Simultaneously, she uses those mediums to observe facades and find what is behind them.

Meanwhile, French artist Gabbiani uses the notion of landscape to question perception through the unique and seemingly unachievable method of organizing chaos. There is a sensuality in the way the image breaks apart and reassembles before the viewer’s eye. A complex push and pull paradox occurs, creating a mood that is both disorienting and completely comfortable in its existence.

At the same time, French artist Peter-Toltz sees the power of sensuality through the medium of oil painting and its flesh-like texture. Oil paiting gives way to the abandonment of preconceived notions, resulting in an unexpected explosion of the bold and the baroque.

Finally, French-American artist Wister Faure invokes spirits and questions the mechanisms of perception. Her aim is to capture the ethereal and illusion that are present in art, capturing that moment when you experience a double-take or question the magic in a piece, in turn, questioning your own reality.

Be sure to visit the SHOW Gallery this month to see Les Amoureuses! There will be a closing reception with performances on Saturday, May 4, 2019 from 6-9 pm.