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CBARET' What-Not Speak Easy

"In place of a hermeneutics we need an erotics of art.” — Susan Sontag, Against Interpretation

Instant characters, quotations marks, curtains and chairs....a world in the evening, at sunset, rises from behind the curtains. We are in front, ex-spectators, in ex-spectation. This is neither a spectacle, nor entertainment because we are part of it. If you enter, you join the game, and you play. We are the cameras, you are the chair. There isn’t a front or backstage, and yet anything can happen as far as you are, here and now, with us.

At a time of profound political changes, inspired by the re-reading of Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood, Marie de Brugerolle, curator and head of the Post-Performance Future research program at the School of Fine Arts of Lyon, addresses the legacy of performance art on the visual arts and asserts that, in this society of the spectacle, aesthetics are political. 

The result is a cabaret-style night of performances that plays with the belief that humor and seduction are weapons against obscurantism, used not only for their entertaining powers, but rather as critical tools. 

And indeed, a stool is a tool.

As the show itself, the title of the project plays with language and codes: "What-Not" is made up of two words to name something which has no name and is also a common corner object. "Speak Easy" addresses the culture of the underground, the non-scene, the behind the scenes, or simply a good place to privately speak. Finally, "CBARET'" plays on a French pun that suggests the craziness of this whole adventure! 

There will be a karaoke, some curtains, a brazilian song, a play by Guy de Cointet, a wall that is a page, a bar, some stools, a chair dance, more dance with legs, a wooden box, and so much more... 

Artists list includes Jennifer Bolande, Julien Bismuth, Jordan Derrien, Adriane Emerit, Romain Gandolphe, Juliette Guérin, V. Haddad, Asher Hartmann, Alex Heilbron, Brandon Lattu, Emily Mast, Valérie Mc Cann, Nour Mobarak, Olivia Mole, Axelle Pinot, Nathaniel WhitfieldAnna Wittenberg and surprise guests!

CBARET' "What-Not/Speak Easy" is an event curated by Marie de Brugerolle and hosted by LAXART. 

This project is supported by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US and is part of their artistic series, Ceci n'est pas…, ENSBA (Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon, France, Post Performance Future research program, UCLA (University of California at Los Angeles, School of the Arts and Architecture), special thanks to Guy de Cointet Society and Air de Paris.