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Félicia Atkinson's Concert and Exhibition

Image of Félicia Atkinson

On April 14, 2019, French artists and musician Félicia Atkinson will be having a concert. Other artists performing that night include Rob Lowe, Puce Mary, and Chris Duncan. Atkinson has an original style that embraces the freedom that comes from improvisation, composition, noise, and abstraction. 

Atkinson’s recent album ‘Hand in Hand’ has generated a great deal of curiosity and intrigue. In response, Fact Magazine wrote that Atkinson takes, 

"The dying bleat of obsolete technology, the crack and stutter of her own voice, the atonal clatter of intuitively-played instruments – and sculpts them into flawless vignettes that lodge themselves deep in the psyche. Like the dystopian science fiction it references, ‘Hand in Hand’ is bewitching, intense, meditative and at times, deeply unsettling."

Félicia Atkinson has played in international festivals such as GRM’s Presence Electronique (Paris, FR), Rewire Festival (Den Hague, NL), Novas Frequencias (Rio De Janeiro, BZ), Sound Of Stockholm (Stockholm, SE), and Borderline Festival (Athens, NL). She has also performed in art venues around the world including Lisa Cooley Gallery (New York, USA), Palais de Tokyo (Paris, FR), Kunsthal Charlottenbord (Copenhagen, DK). 

In addition to her global music career, Atkinson runs the experimental music label Shelter Press with Bartolomé Sanson. Shelter Press will be displaying a myriad of pieces at the LA Art Book Fair on April 12-14, 2019. Of note, Shelter Press will be displaying SPECTRES: Composer l’écoute / Composing listening, in which Atkinson’s own collaboration is included. 

Just two days later, on April 16, the talented artist will be opening an exhibition called La Vie Materielle. The exhibition was created in partnership with Micah Wood and will be shown at Mast on Fig in Los Angeles, CA. Atkinson will be displaying her sculptures while Wood shows his paintings. Together, the two are unified by music, place, language, and more. 

Be sure to see Félicia Atkinson, or experience her incredible works, starting on April 14, 2019!