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May 26
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POSTPONED | The Confession Embassy of France - La Maison Française 4101 Reservoir Road, NW - Washington, DC

Saturnine with Antoine Donzeaud at Chicago Manual of Style Gallery

Antoine Donzeaud, 2018. Image courtesy of the artist.

Opening Reception: Friday, April 19, 6–9pm  

This group exhibition brings together three artists—Theodora Allen (based in Los Angeles), Antoine Donzeaud (based in Paris), Assaf Evron (based in Chicago), and Dutch conceptualist Wim van der Linden—each of whose works investigate a melancholic temperament.The exhibition is viewed through the lens of Albrecht Dürer’s 1514 engraving Melencolia I, often deemed ‘the image of images,’ to portray a tableau of melancholy within a twenty-first-century context. 

Central to the exhibition is a newly-commissioned site-specific installation by Antoine Donzeaud, a suspended ceiling work that will activate the domestic object of a red bed, as well as the entirety of the gallery space, under a pink hue—providing an idiomatic opposition to the theme of sadness by functioning as ‘rose colored glasses.’

Also included will be the seminal work of Wim van der Linden’s Sad Movies (1966), featuring Tulips, a short cinematic drama on the forlorn fate of a bouquet of The Netherlands national flower. Accompanying these works are paintings by Theodora Allen, whose ethereal and mystic compositions, paired with an iconographic approach to figuration and still-life, represent an allegorical method not unlike Dürer’s Melencolia I. Lastly, Saturnine will include work from a series of three-dimensional forms derived from the imaging of digital color space by Assaf Evron—an allusion to both the perspectival and geometric experiments of Dürer, as well as the ultimate uncanny nature of Melencolia’s enduring composition. 

Supported by FACE in Chicago, a program of FACE Foundation