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May 26
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Remembrance of Things Past: A Proustian Extravaganza II

French pianist and lecturer Jérémie Favreau returns on April 26, 2019 with Remembrance of Things Past: A Proustian Extravaganza II. This lecture-recital will be hosted at the University of California, Irvine’s Winifred Smith Hall and features a variety of artists. 

In the wake of the two lecture-recitals on Proust and music that Favreau gave at UCLA and UCI, the artist continues his work centered around the concerts staged in French writer Marcel Proust’s novel Remembrance of Things Past. On this evening, Jérémie Favreau will be joined by a team of stellar musicians, singers, flutist, violinist and pianist, he will perform the exact musical pieces performed in the novel’s concerts, the “soundtrack” of the book so to speak. It is a unique chance to listen to the mythical concerts of this legendary novel: what reader of Remembrance has not dreamed of listening to these fictional concerts for real?

The recital will be divided into the different concerts mentioned in Remembrance of Things Past, playing in chronological order. This decision was made in order to preserve the author’s own creative process and ensure the audience has a more authentic experience. The recital will be accompanied with a lecture presenting the importance of these concerts in Proust’s work and how he used them to present his reflection on performance, as well as on music and literature making.  It will thus offer a new perspective on the theme of Proust and music, never treated before: the notion of performance and what it implies in term of social and gender issues. 

Favreau will be both a pianist and the lecturer for the event. Other artists joining him include Nena Aldaz who will be the mezzo-soprano, Sam Chen who will be on the violin, Janet Favreau  who will be playing the piano, Roberto Gomez who will be the baritone, and Elva Tang who will be on the flute. 

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