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"Tailleur Pour Dames" at Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz

Image provided by Théâtre Raymond Kabbaz

Theâtre Raymond Kabbaz presents Tailleur Pour Dames, a comedy written by French playwright Georges Feydeau. This performance will take place on May 30 and 31, 2019 at 7:30pm at Theâtre Raymon Kabbaz

Set during the Belle Époque in Paris, a recently married Dr. Moulineaux tells one small lie to cover up an innocent, but embarrassing indiscretion: his romantic desire for a patient. From that single untruth follows a series of increasingly convoluted deceptions, misunderstandings, and mistaken identities. 

Watch how a meddling butler, an angry mother-in-law, a misplaced wife, another cheating husband, an absent dressmaker, and the Queen of Greenland add to the story.

Tailleur Pour Dames will be played by Theâtre Raymond Kabbaz’s troupe. It will be staged by French theater director Pierre Leloup. 

The comedy will be performed in French. Be sure to book your tickets soon to experience this 19th century play!