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Aug 25
Book Club on Guy de Maupassant’s Like Death ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY
Aug 25
Book Club on Guy de Maupassant’s Like Death ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY
Sep 8
Book Club on Kaouther Adimi’s Our Riches ONLINE EVENT Albertine Books New York, NY

Design Education with French schools

Four French design schools will take part in WantedDesign as part of Oui Design in 2019: Strate School of Design, Ecole Boulle, EnsAD, and ENSCI Les Ateliers. Five students and one teacher from each school will come to New York.

Students from Strate School of Design and Ecole Boulle will participate in the WantedDesign Schools Workshop. Students from EnsAD (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs) and ENSCI Les Ateliers (in partnership with Alessi) will exhibit their work at WantedDesign Brooklyn.

The École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD) is a design school located in Paris. Its purpose is to provide high-level artistic, scientific, and technical training for artists and designers, and to conduct research. EnsAD is a member of a broad network of international associations and is developing relations with 128 institutes of higher education and art/design universities around the world.
> www.ensad.fr/en

After a first participation in 2018, the École des Arts Décoratifs, Paris returns to innovative hub WantedDesign Brooklyn with a presentation of six young graduate or postgraduate students whose works are based on global ecology as a horizon: material, sensory, economic and educational.

  • Anna Saint Pierre
  • Gilles Baudoux
  • Mathilde Bourgon
  • Manon Véret
  • Clara Kernreuter
  • Adrien Testard

ENSCI–Les Ateliers
The École nationale supérieure de création industrielle (ENSCI–Les Ateliers), is a commercial and industrial design school located Paris. It is a member of the Hautes Études-Sorbonne-Arts et Métiers cluster and of the Conférence des grandes écoles. Its premises are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, enabling students to work according to their own production schedules and patterns.
> www.ensci.com

A major italian design brand, a famous national French school of design. 20 student projects, 2 different themes approached. Connected objects for the ones, synesthetics for the others. It is all about uses, forms and sensoriality in the world of Alessi.

Framed by designers Laurent Messaloux and Romain Cuvellier, a group worked on the theme « Alessi Connected » or how to create new uses and household objects projecting the history and production of Alessi towards the practices and the functionalities offered by the connected objects. Framed by designers François Azambourg and Elena Tosi Brandi, the second group focused on “Synesthetic objects: from sensoriality to form”, that is to say on the relationship between the senses, objects and uses in the world of Alessi, a new sensitive territory for the brand. From 40 projects, the exhibition presents a selection of 20 objects. Alessi was founded in 1921 by designer Giovanni Alessi. The famous brand has edited thousands of products over the decades, many of them have become icons of contemporary design. The Alessi mission is to research the most advanced cultural, aesthetic executive and functional quality and translate this into mass produces items.

With projects of the following students:

  • Julien Gorrias presents "Trottola".
  • Léo Verstiggel presents "Karousel".
  • Alexandre Fontaine presents "Moody and Noisy".
  • Oscar Gillet presents "Carve".
  • Paul Capdenat-Christy presents "Plato & Socrates".
  • Camille Chapuis Maison presents "Heho".
  • Sullvian Clément presents "Polenta Sensorial".
  • Ulysse Bouët presents "Recommandation Radio".
  • Barbara Cerlesi presents "Sughi".
  • Amélie Orhant presents "Tempo Giusto".
  • Sacha Parent presents "Shut Down".
  • Marlon Bagnou presents "Gradient".
  • Morgan Alby presents "Domestication".
  • Valentin Devos presents "l’Alchimie".
  • Salomé Drouet presents "Cielo".
  • Victor Le Fessant presents "Mirage".
  • Théodore Lagrange presents "Gary".
  • Carla Noircler presents "Grean Foam".         
  • Victor Ohlmann presents "Tempo".
  • Arthur-Donald Bouillé presents "Follow Me If You Can"

The École Boulle
The École Boulle founded in 1886, remains one of the greatest schools for art and design in Europe today. Located in the heart of the furniture district, it began as a school to train furniture professinals and later metal, bronze, and steel craftsmen and engravers. While remaining true to it’s past, École Boulle has modernized over the years, opening up to the world, the economy and industry.
> www.ecole-boulle.org

Strate School of Design
Strate School of Design is a state-recognized school for design. Renowned in France and internationally, it is considered to be one of the 60 best design schools in the world. It offers bachelor’s degrees in Design, 3-year 3D Modeling, a post-bac Masters in Innovation and Design, and an MBA in Design Management.
> www.strate.education