French For All

French For All

A New Comprehensive Initiative to Support Equity in Access to French Language Education in the United States

Languages are more important than ever to understanding diverse communities, excelling in business, and tackling global challenges. Yet in the US only 20% of students in K-12 institutions and higher education are enrolled in foreign language courses, compared to 83% of students in the European Union.

Founded on the principle that foreign language education should not be a privilege but a right for the next generation of learners in a globalized world, French for All supports the expansion and enrichment of French language education and bilingualism in the United States from kindergarten through higher education.

French for All encompasses four initiatives:

The French Heritage Language Program helps high school students who recently immigrated to the US leverage the French language skills they use at home as an asset in their new life through programs such as AP coursework, college prep, and programs in the arts, all with a focus on West African and Caribbean cultures.

The French Dual Language Fund expands and strengthens bilingual K-12 programs in American public schools. These programs reach 33,000 students, including many from disadvantaged backgrounds, in over 30 US states.

The French in Higher Education Program supports innovation at university French departments through best practices in teaching, professional development for faculty, and internships in France for American students. The program encourages the integration of humanities coursework with diverse academic pathways and majors across disciplines.

The New Pathways to Teaching French Program leverages the skills of French-speaking Americans and US permanent residents of all backgrounds to train a new generation of French teachers to meet the needs of multilingual learners.

Addressing crucial steps in the journey of language learning through a comprehensive and expanding network of programs, French for All aims to make bilingualism accessible to a wider and more diverse audience, equipping the next generation of learners with the tools they need to succeed in a globalized world.

French for All is made possible through the generosity of Chanel, Société Générale, the Jane and Alfred Ross Foundation, the Jeannine Manuel Foundation, the Joly Family Foundation, and the John & Cynthia Reed Foundation.