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Le Créative Lab Selects Eleven Startups for 2019 Edition

Le Créative Lab North America has selected eleven innovative French startups that will participate in the fifth edition of this development and incubation program in New York City and Montreal from November 11-15, 2019. 

Co-produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and Business France, and supported by the FACE Foundation and the Cultural Service of the French Consulate in Québec, this annual program is designed to give innovative French startups working in the cultural, entertainment, creative, leisure, and travel industries a comprehensive overview of the North American market.

The selected startups offer products and services in fields as diverse as AR/VR, education, music, digital art, museums, mediation, and video games. 

Le Créative Lab North America 2019 Startups

Aji Digital has developed touchscreen wall displays, easily customisable for cultural, creative, and retail industries.

Editions Animées publishes animated coloring books: old-fashioned paper coloring books that use augmented reality to turn individual artworks into animated cartoons thanks to a free app called BlinkBook. 

Hip Hop community is an organizer of hip hop events since 2013, Ready Or Not recently used its expertise to launch Hip Hop Community, a network dedicated to putting all hip hop professionals in contact with the people who seek to hire them.

Livdeo created an innovative digital solution for museums, heritage and cultural venues: GEED. The platform provides visitors with universal access to multilingual, multimedia materials on their phones and tablets without any constraint: no internet connection, no app to download. 

Mathematic is a 2D and 3D animation studio that produces commercial spots, special effects for television and film, 3D animated movies and video game trailers in both 2D and 3D.

Miscible is a digital production studio that works with agencies, studios and brands to produce creative digital products, particularly immersive experiences involving virtual realty and augmented reality.

RealCast offers innovative experiences in extended reality, providing a new way to discover museums, monuments and other cultural and historic locales through interactive, educational games

Spideo Personalization solution provides multi-factor recommendation and smart data tools allowing multimedia platforms to offer their customers a more precise and personalized way to explore their catalogue.

Trans-Faire is a professional training center specializing in work/study digital training for sport-centric careers and management. 

Virtual Journey produces virtual reality experiences for the Heritage, Culture and Tourism industries. For Museums, Virtual Journey invites visitors to experience im- mersive and interactive 10-minute guided tours through virtual reality terminals.

Wipplay is a digital social network specializing in photography, with more than 50,000 photographs and major international photographers in its contests’ juries. Wipplay offers to its clients many ways to explore and exhibit art: contests, expositions, shops for collectors, and more.Trans-Faire is a professional training center specializing in work/study digital training for sport-centric careers and management.