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May 29
The Barbarity of World-Cities ONLINE EVENT Columbia University, Maison Française

New French films available on OVID TV

"School of Babel" by Julie Bertuccelli

OVID.tv, the streaming service for independent films from a round the world has two new documentaries from the well-respected fiction director Julie Bertuccelli (Since Otar Left, The Tree). These include School of Babel and Latest News from the Cosmos.

School of Babel  | Documentary, France, 2013, 1h32

School of Babel follows the story of one class of students ranging from eleven to fifteen years of age, as they come to terms with a new language and a new life. Hailing from countries across the globe including Ireland, Brazil, China, Ukraine, Tunisia, Venezuela, Guinea and Libya, the students in the reception class find the transition challenging as they juggle learning French, along with homesickness, familial responsibilities and memories of hardships in their home countries. Very few of the students have lived trouble-free existences. Many are asylum seekers, while others are escaping social and economic disadvantages in their home countries or have experienced family separations and breakdowns.

Latest News from the Cosmos | Documentary, France, 2016, 1h25 

Helene Nicolas, a non-verbal woman with autism, who begins to express herself through poetry as an adult. Despite being nearly 30, Helene still looks like a teenager. She writes powerful, physical texts with a caustic humour. As she herself says, she was part of a 'miscalibrated batch that doesn't fit in anywhere.' A visionary author, the thinking contained in her telepathic poetry is deep and far ranging, speaking to us of her world and ours. She collaborates with a theatre director adapting her work and has discussions with a mathematician. And yet, Helene cannot hold a pen and has never learned to read or write. She was 20 years old when her mother discovered that she could communicate by arranging laminated letters on a piece of paper. This is one of the many mysteries of a woman who calls herself Babouillec.