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Beyond the Canvas: When Masterpieces Become VR Experiences

"Isle of the Dead" by Benjamin Nuel

While reality is mostly limited to your home, VR can help you escape and to seek new horizons.  We've selected the best French immersive experiences created around masterpieces of art history, from The Mona Lisa by Da Vinci to The Scream by Munch. 

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass
HTC VIVE Arts – Emissive

As part of this landmark exhibition, the Louvre will present the museum’s first virtual reality (VR) experience “En tête-à-tête avec La Joconde“, in partnership with HTC VIVE Arts and Emissive, which will bring to life the story of the Mona Lisa, da Vinci’s most famous masterpiece.

Available on : Viveport

1, 2, 3… Bruegel ! by Gordon & Andrés Jarach
Camera Lucida Lucid Realities productions – ARTE France

1, 2, 3 Bruegel is an entertaining VR experience in 3D Real-time into the mysterious Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s painting “Children’s Games”: A game of hide and seek where your mission will be to find the 200 children hidden in the city.

Available on : Oculus | Viveport | Steam

Caravaggio, in tenebris by Matthieu Van Eeckhout
ARTE France – Atlas V

Caravaggio’s universe mixes religious faith and vice, luxury and poverty, lust and piety, violence and contemplation. The experience is an imaginary journey through a maze of narrow streets, an intimate labyrinth that takes us from the gilded splendour of a Roman palace bathed in light to the dark and dangerous back streets where Caravaggio sought adventure and, ultimately, his own ruin.

Available on LittlStar 

Les Ménines de Diego Velázquez by Carlos Franklin and Thomas Cheysson 
ARTE France – Les Poissons Volants

Diego Velázquez stared at us behind his easel. His gaze invites us. We pass to the other side of this miror painting and bust into the heart of the work to submerge along with the painter into the vertigo and the enigmatic echoes that he won’t stop playing. Between illusion and reality, Velázquez seizes our senses and endlessly questions our reason.

Available on YouTube​​

Saturnism by Mihai Grecu
Barberousse Films

Step inside one of the darkest paintings in the history of art: Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son. You will find yourself alone with mad Saturn himself in the cold and gloomy landscape. Saturnism is a visceral and instinctual 360 experience. Saturnism was part of the selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival! 

Contact Barberousse for more info

A bar at the Folies Bergère by Gabrielle Lissot
ARTE France – IKO

A bar at the Folies Bergère is a 360° video experience, in 3D animation, in stereoscopy and in binaural sound. This six-minutes-length VR short film takes us into the head, the eyes and thoughts of Manet’s painting four characters. 

More information on Culture VR

Isle of the Dead by Benjamin Nuel
Les Produits Frais – ARTE France

A timeless trip, from an average apartment towards our final destination, guided by Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld. It is the VR adaptation of the 1883 best-known painting of the Swiss symbolist painter Arnold Böcklin. Directly inspired from the painting, Rachmaninov’s symphonic poem accompanies the VR experience. Isle of the Dead received the Best Story in VR Award at Venice VR 2018. 

Available on : Viveport | Steam

Gauguin's Inner Journey by Hayoun Kwon
ARTE France – Innerspace VR France – Rmn-Grand Palais – Musée d’Orsay

Experience a 360-degree journey to Gauguin’s Tahitian paradise. Thanks to accounts left by the artist, we are able to accompany Gauguin in his thoughts during his first journey to Tahiti and to plunge into a bewitching ballet of colors. Among other major works, Arearea (Joyousness) and Vahine no te tiare (Woman with a Flower) take shape as though in a dream.

Available on : Youtube

The Scream VR by Sandra Paugam and Charles Ayats
ARTE France - CINÉTÉVÉ Experience

Edvard Munch's The Scream has been universally reproduced. The famous face distorted by fear has so much struck the human imagination that it is now used as an emoji to express anguish. But how well do you know this iconic painting? Munch's demons and ghosts escape from the canvas to plunge you into the sources of the master's inspiration - and pass on some interesting secrets.

Available on : Viveport | Steam

The Dreams of Henri Rousseau by Nicolas Autheman
ARTE France – Les Films du Tambour de Soie

Rousseau thrilled the art world with his naive and almost psychedelic visions of exotic jungles. The artist, who never left Paris, drew his inspiration from the city’s botanical gardens. Experience a magical night in a tropical greenhouse brought to life by the painter’s visions.

Available on : Youtube

Claude Monet – The Water Lily obsession by Nicolas Thépot
ARTE France – Lucid Realities

Through a dialogue between Claude Monet and his old friend, stateman George Clemenceau, this contemplative VR experience invites you on a sensory journey starting off in Claude Monet’s garden, stopping along the way at the workshop of the artist and ending in the exhibition rooms of the Orangerie Museum. You relive a perpetual renewal of nature, to explore time and space while immersed in the Water lilies paintings.

Available on : Viveport | Steam 

Orbe after Piet Mondriaan by Valéry Grancher

The point of this project is to modelize in the virtual space at scale 1/1 the Piet Mondriaan studio of the Rue du Départ in Paris, and to realize a work questioning the Mondriaan neoplasticism. The telescoping of two visual languages, one initiated on 1917, the other on 2017, will question the legacy of modernist utopia worn by Piet Mondrian at the time of the centenary of Der Stijl. 

Available on : Google Tilt Brush - Poly