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The 2013 Films on the Green Festival Available Online!

Jealousy, seduction, passion... In 2013, Films on the Green explored the many dimensions of love through classic and contemporary movies. French is the language of love—or, so the saying goes. But behind this cliché lies a plethora of cinematic possibilities.

Below you will find the curated film descriptions as well as links to watch them on U.S. streaming platforms!

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French Cancan
Directed by Jean Renoir, 1955, 1h45, France-Italy

During the Belle Epoque in Montmartre Henri Danglard runs a cabaret where Parisians come to admire the belly dancer Lola de Castro, his mistress. When Danglard has a vision of reviving the cancan, he is inspired to cast the young laundress Nini, instead of Lola. Jealousies arise as he attempts to bring his show to the Moulin Rouge.

Available on Kanopy | The Criterion Channel

We Won’t Grow Old Together (Nous ne vieillirons pas ensemble)
Directed by Maurice Pialat, 1972, 1h47, France-Italy

Jean is an unpleasant, domineering man. Though he still lives with his wife, their marriage has been over for quite some time. All the while, he has been having an affair with the much-younger Catherine. The relationship is moving toward disintegration, and although Catherine resists it, alternating recriminations and reconciliations hasten their inevitable breakup.

Available on Kino Now | Hoopla | The Criterion Channel | iTunes

Heartbreaker (L’arnacœur)
Directed by Pascal Chaumeil, 2010, 1h44, France-Monaco

Alex is a professional heartbreaker who, for a handsome fee, can turn any husband, fiancé or boyfriend into an ex. His newest target is Juliette, a beautiful heiress who is set to marry the man of her dreams. Alex has been hired by her father to carry out his most daring seduction yet. The problem is, he only has 10 days to do it…

Available on Amazon Video | Google Play | iTunes | YouTube

Mississippi Mermaid (La sirène du Mississippi)
Directed by François Truffaut, 1969, PG, 2h03, France

Louis Mahé is a wealthy plantation owner living on the tropical island of Reunion. His mail-order bride, Julie Roussel, looks nothing like the photo she sent him, but enraptured by her radiance, he marries her anyway. When she disappears without a trace Louis vows to find her no matter what the costs…

Available on The Criterion Channel | Amazon Video

A Summer’s Tale (Conte d’été)
Directed by Eric Rohmer, 1996, G, 1h53, France

While Gaspard waits for his girlfriend Léna to join him for the summer holidays in Brittany, he meets Margot, a young waitress. Although he and Margot spend a great deal of time together, Gaspard is introduced to another young woman, the seductive Solène. Gaspard finds himself juggling the two women until Léna suddenly appears.

Available on Amazon Video | Vudu | iTunes

The films The Art of Love (L’art d’aimer) by Emmanuel Mouret, Angèle et Tony by Alix Delaporte, Marius and Jeannette by Robert Guédiguian, U by Grégoire Solotareff & Serge Elissalde, and Wild Reeds (Les Roseaux sauvages) by André Téchiné are not yet available on U.S. streaming platforms.