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The 2015 Films on the Green Festival Available Online!

This week let’s rewind to the 2015 edition of Films on the Green, which highlighted “La Méditerranée,” presenting a panoramic picture of French and francophone cinema.

Rich with the vibrant colors, flavors and cultures of the Mediterranean, Films on the Green adventured across the European continent, from the French Riviera to the coast of Algeria, from Lebanon and Tunisia to the island of Corsica.

Below you will find the curated film descriptions as well as links to view them on U.S. streaming platforms!

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The Rabbi’s Cat (Le Chat du Rabbin)
Directed by Joann Sfar & Antoine Delesvaux, 2011, 1h29, France / Recommended for ages 12+

Algiers, 1920s. Rabbi Sfar has more than one problem. His beautiful daughter Zlabya is transforming into a teenager, and even worse, his parrot-killing cat has just started talking. The Rabbi’s life grows even more complicated when a box arrives from Russia with a painter inside. Ultimately Rabbi Sfar ends up on a quest for a hidden tribe and its mythical city of origin in Africa.

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La Collectionneuse
Directed by Eric Rohmer, 1967, 1h29, France

Adrien, a bombastic, womanizing art dealer and Daniel, his painter friend, go to a seventeenth-century villa on the French Riviera for a relaxing summer getaway. But their idyll is disturbed by the presence of the bohemian temptress Haydée.

Available on Kanopy | The Criterion Collection

…And God Created Woman (Et Dieu créa la Femme)
Directed by Roger Vadim, 1956, PG, 1h35, France

Juliette is a seductive young woman with an unbridled appetite for pleasure. She attracts the attention of all of St. Tropez, including the wealthy Eric Carradine, Antoine Tardieu, and his sweet yet naïve brother, Michel, who all fight for her indecisive heart.

Available on The Criterion Chanel | HBO Max

Directed by Nadine Labaki, 2007, PG, 1h35, France-Lebanon

In a colorful and sensual Beirut beauty salon, five women meet regularly to talk and confide in each other. Between haircuts and caramel sugar waxes, the friends share intimate stories about men, sex, motherhood, and their personal liberation.

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Queen to Play (Joueuse)
Directed by Caroline Bottaro, 2009, 1h37, France

On the postcard-perfect isle of Corsica, the lovely, repressed and quietly intelligent chambermaid Hélène comes upon a couple engaging in an intense chess match, and discovers she has a knack for the game. This obsession–much to the chagrin of her family– leads her to seek the clandestine tutelage of a reclusive American doctor–a liaison that radically transforms both of their lackluster lives.

Available on Vudu | Kanopy | Fandor | PlutoTV | Kino Now

Directed by Rémi Bezancon & Jean-Christophe Lie, 2012, 1h18, France / Recommended for ages 7+

Beneath a baobab tree, an old man tells the story of Maki, a young boy who crosses the desert with his giraffe and a Bedouin nomad named Hassan. During the epic journey from Africa to Paris, which takes them through Alexandria and the bustling port of Marseilles, Maki and his companions meet countless amazing characters.

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Pépé le Moko
Directed by Julien Duvivier, 1937, 1h33, France

The notorious Pépé le Moko is a wanted man. In the labyrinthine Casbah of Algiers, Pépé is safe from the clutches of the police. But his clandestine life is unveiled when Gaby, a Parisian playgirl, compels him to risk his life and leave his past behind.

Available on The Criterion Channel | HBO Max | iTunes

Priceless (Hors de Prix)
Directed by Pierre Salvadori, 2006, PG-13, 1h46, France

Irène, an attractive young woman, is on vacation at a French Riviera resort with Jacques, an older and very wealthy man. One night, while celebrating her birthday alone, she meets the handsome and intriguing Jean, who claims to be a millionaire and adventurer. However, unbeknownst to Irène, Jean isn’t everything he appears to be…

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The films Goha by Jacques Baratier and La Dérive by Paula Delsol are not yet available on U.S. streaming platforms.