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The 2012 Films on the Green Festival Available Online!

In 2012, Films on the Green celebrated French and American literature on the big screen. The film selections spanned not only an array of cinematic genres—thriller, musical, comedy, drama—but also a range of literary styles. Join us as we commemorate works from Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel, Persepolis, to Harlan Coben's thriller, Tell No One, to Jean Bruce's OSS 117 novels, the inspiration for the James Bond series!

Below you will find the curated film descriptions as well as links to watch them on U.S. streaming platforms!

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Directed by Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud, 2007, PG-13, 1h35

Based on the graphic novel Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi.

A coming-of-age story told through the eyes of Marjane, a young Iranian girl growing up in Tehran and Vienna. She avidly follows the events that lead to the Iranian revolution and the downfall of the Shah’s regime. With the establishment of the Islamic Republic, Marjane comes to see herself as a revolutionary…

Available on Amazon Video | FandangoNow | Vudu | iTunes | GooglePlay | YouTube | Microsoft

Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne)
Directed by Guillaume Canet, 2006, 2h11

Based on the novel Tell No One by Harlan Coben.

Alexandre Beck hasn’t gotten over the death of his wife, Margot, murdered eight years ago. While the memory of their relationship continues to haunt him, he receives an anonymous email with a link to an image of a crowd. In the image he sees a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Margot… Is she still alive?

Available on Kanopy | PopcornFlix | Amazon Video | iTunes | YouTube | GooglePlay | Microsoft | Vudu

Jules and Jim
Directed by François Truffaut, 1962, 1h45

Based on the novel Jules et Jim by Henri-Pierre Roché.

Jules and Jim are inseparable friends who come to meet the free-spirited and capricious Catherine. The three become instant companions, determined to live their lives to the fullest despite the war around them. When Jules declares his love for Catherine, Jim agrees to let Jules pursue her, despite his own feelings…

Available on HBO Max | Kanopy | The Criterion Collection | Amazon Video | iTunes

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies (OSS 117, Le Caire nid d’espions)
Directed by Michel Hazanavicius, 2006, 1h39

Based on OSS 117, a series of novels by Jean Bruce.

In 1955, following the death of agent OSS 283, Hubert Bonisseur de la Bath, agent OSS 117, was sent to Cairo to investigate and “secure the Middle East.” The deposed King Farouk wants to reclaim his throne while a group of religious fanatics called the “Eagles of Kheops” are on the verge of a holy war. Then, a Soviet ship loaded with weapons mysteriously disappears...

Available on Hoopla | Vudu | Kanopy | PopcornFlix | YouTube | Amazon Video | iTunes | GooglePlay

Donkey Skin (Peau d'âne)
Directed by Jacques Demy, 1970, PG, 1h30 / recommended for ages 6+

Based on the fairy tale Peau d’Âne by Charles Perrault.

The queen dies. Before her last breath, she makes her husband promise that he will only marry a woman more beautiful than herself. The king finds only one person that meets these conditions: the princess, his own daughter.

Available on The Criterion Channel

The films The Snows of Kilimanjaro (Les Neiges du Kilimandjaro) by Robert Guédiguian, War of the Buttons (La Guerre des boutons) by Yves Robert and The Ax (Le Couperet) by Costa-Gavras are not yet available on U.S. streaming platforms.