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Cannes XR: LBE & Festivals Facing a New Reality


The partners of French Immersion - the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the USA, the CNC, Unifrance and the Institut Français - have entrusted Kaleidoscope to conduct FR//XR, an initiative that aims at analysing major COVID-19 induced changes on the XR market from the perspective of content creators, buyers and distributors, as well as paving the way towards a new business model for the immersive industry.

Running for 10 months, this project will introduce a series of online gatherings starring the most influential voices from the XR industry, and an ambitious research study to determine how best to fund, produce and distribute VR/AR experiences in a new reality. 

Join us for the two first online events at Cannes XR! 

1. LBE in the post-COVID world. Disruption and opportunities 

June 24, at 11AM PDT / 2PM ET / 8PM CET

⁠Location-based entertainment (LBE) has been one of the most promising areas of distribution for XR experiences. It allows users to physically interact with the environment in a way that’s not available at home. As COVID-19 led to the closure of many LBEs and venues offering VR experiences, we want to explore how these companies and centers can adapt in order to survive and prosper?


Agnès Alfandari, Director of Digital, Institut Français

David Askaryan, CEO, Museum of Future Experiences

Elisha Karmitz, CEO, mk2

Joanna Popper, Global Head of Virtual Reality for Location Based Entertainment, HP

Host: Emma Buttin, New Media Officer - French Embassy in the US

It will be streamed on Le Marché du Film website https://marchedufilm.online/cannes-xr/ and Kaleidoscope: https://www.kaleidoscope.fund/event/lbe-in-the-post-covid-world/allevent

2. Festivals and markets facing a new reality. Pandemic challenges meet solutions

June 26, at 11AM PDT / 2PM ET / 8PM CET

How festivals and markets can survive and grow in the changing post-COVID landscape? How the biggest artistic events managed to deal with the challenges introduced by the pandemic? Together with some of the most renowned international festival curators and programmers we will try to answer the questions that demand our industry’s growing attention. 


Zeina Abi Assy, Director, Interactive Programs at Tribeca Film Institute

Elie Levasseur, XR Programme Leader, Cannes XR

Blake Kammerdiner, VR Programmer, SXSW

Michel Reilhac, Programmer of Venice VR and Head of studies for Venice Biennale College Cinema and Cinema VR

Host: René Pinnell, CEO & Founder - Kaleidoscope

It will be streamed on Le Marché du Film website https://marchedufilm.online/cannes-xr/ and Kaleidoscope: https://www.kaleidoscope.fund/event/festivals-and-markets-facing-a-new-reality/allevents

Also, do not miss:

- the keynote by Novelab: "Quest to Production Value: tax rebates, creativity and expertise of French studios" on June 25 at 7AM ET / 1PM CET

- French XR experiences: Le Bal de Paris by Blanca Li, The Trick by Sonia Delahaye, Birdie Long Gone by Tamanoir & Demute, Fly by Charlotte Mikkelborg & Amaury La Burthe, Minimum Mass by Floréal Films!