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AG French Direct: French Indie Games To Discover

Haven - The Game Bakers

On August 26th, the AG French Direct, an online event organized by Actugaming to connect the French indie game ecosystem, unveiled and presented more than 30 games from talented creators from France and abroad.

Here are more details on ten of the French games that were presented during this first edition.

Want some more? The replay of the presentation is available here


As Far As The Eye

Build a mobile village and travel with your tribe toward the center of the world, called The Eye. This roguelike turn-based resource-management game is made of procedural situations, natural events, skill-trees and hard choices.

The management and city-building game with a colorful aesthetic will be released on September 10th and took the opportunity to present its concept through a gameplay with commentary.

Developer: Unexpected (Montpellier) 


Rip Them Off

Rip Them Off is a new puzzle game of economic management and tower defense. The Board needs profit, and it’s up to you to line the streets with shops the masses can’t resist. Choose your locations, pick your stores and earn your way up the corporate ladder and its increasingly difficult challenges!

The creators of Swim Out come back with a management game with an atypical design and a new commented presentation during the live show. Scheduled for release on Steam and iOS on September 24th.

Developer: Lozange Lab (Metz) 



Hacktag is a fast-paced two-player co-op stealth-game with unique asymmetric gameplay. Play as the stealth Agent in the field or as the virtually-infiltrated Hacker and work together to carry out espionage missions where nothing goes as expected!

Already available on PC, the cooperative infiltration game announced PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch versions for the end of 2020. A demo was also made available on Steam.

Developer: Piece of Cake studios (Paris) 



Dordogne is a narrative adventure game in which you play as Mimi, a young woman visiting the house of her recently deceased grandmother who left her letters and puzzles to solve. To do so, Mimi will revisit her childhood memories and reconnect with the little girl who marveled at everything.

The poetic project of the studio Un Je Ne Sais Quoi presented a new development journal with previously unseen images. Smartphone versions were also discussed while the release is now set for late 2021 / early 2022 on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Developers: Un je ne sais quoi (Bordeaux) & UMANIMATION (Pessac)



Fireflies on a Moonless Night

One evening, the sun goes down to never rise again. At the dawn of this eternal night, the stars fall from the sky. In this context of poetic apocalypse, the player will have to light up his path and work with the other inhabitants to try to rebuild a more just world.

Mixing narration, puzzles and platforms, Fireflies on a Moonless Night will embark us in a dreamlike adventure starting at the end of 2021 on PC.

Developer: Sweet Dreams Studio (Nantes) 



Also announced and presented for the first time at the French Direct AG, dont_forget_me is a narrative investigative game where you explore your clients' memories using keywords to protect their freedom. In this cyberpunk world, everyone's memories are at the heart of government conspiracies that only you will be able to foil. A cyberpunk universe to be found on PC, of which a demo is already available.

Developer : The Moon Pirates (Bordeaux) 



Yu and Kay have escaped to a forgotten planet. Play the two lovers settling in an unknown world. Survive together, glide over the plains, camp, restore the planet, fight if you have to. All that matters is to stay together.

The Game Bakers took advantage of the AGFD to present the mechanics of flowburst in a new gameplay sequence. An exclusive interview was also conducted, reviewing the genesis and particularities of the project. The release is scheduled for 2020 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Developer: The Game Bakers (Montpellier)



HUMANKIND™ is Amplitude Studios magnum opus, a Historical Strategy game where YOU will re-write the entire narrative of humankind – a convergence of culture, history, and values that allows you to create a civilization that is as unique as you are.

Romain de Waubert, co-founder of the studio, sent a message to thank the players and spoke about the open dev which was a real success. Indeed, the players played an average of 8.5 hours over the sessions and more than 8% of the participants were French. Release planned on PC in 2021.

Developer: Amplitude Studios (Paris)



Neurodeck is a psychological deckbuilding card game to challenge your fears. Build your deck & capacities by answering personality tests, visiting rooms or meditating. Face your phobia and defeat them through the power of life-inspired cards.

Expected for the end of the year 2020, the card game with roguelite components that talks about mental health has unveiled its very first tape by showing its various mechanics.

Developer: TavroxGames (Toulouse)


The Last Spell

The end is near. Lead a team of hardened heroes to defend the last bastion of humanity against hordes of monsters in this turn-based tactical RPG immersed in roguelite mechanics.

The new project of the creators of Dead in Vinland has released a developer diary in which the concept is presented. A demo was also made available on Steam.

Developer: CCCP (Tourcoing et Valenciennes)