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May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation
May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation

Venice VR Expanded: Must-see French VR Experiences On Oculus

Image : Venice VR Expanded

The Venice International Film Festival has incorporated VR projects since 2016. This year, the Biennale’s VR content has moved to an entirely digital format, making parts of the official selection of Venice VR Expanded available on Oculus TV for Oculus Quest.

The selection includes four French VR experiences to watch for free now through September 12.



Director: Joséphine Derobe

Country: France, Belgium

The Plot: At the age of 24, Mortaza had to flee his own country, Afghanistan, because he was sentenced to death by the religious authorities. Forced into exile, through a dangerous and clandestine road, Mortaza will reach Europe to join the country he wished to ask for asylum: France. 


Director: Maria Belen Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Damian Turkieh

Country: Argentina, France

The Plot : Juana, a 17 year-old wheelchair user, aims to explore her sexuality but is ashamed of her body. Trying to find her place in a new high school, she will go through failure, friendship, fear, and politics until she builds her own pride.


Director: François Vautier

Country: France

The Plot: A metallic tetrahedron floats through a milky abyss. All is calm—until this geometric form suddenly deconstructs, atomizing into billions of fragments. What was once a negative space is now dense with chaos. All that was rational and understood has come undone.


Director: Amaury Campion

Country: France

The Plot: It’s Stella’s 16th birthday, and her father thinks she’s too young to travel with her soccer team all the way to Australia. Upset, she blames her overprotective father for the absence of her mother. But then a letter from her mother shifts Stella’s perceptive. As the words from her mother’s letter come to life around you, follow Stella as she explores the story of how her parents first met and journeys through her own past to learn what it means to grow up. This heartfelt coming-of-age short film was entirely hand-animated in VR with Quill.