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May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation
May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation

Five Reasons to Film in France

Full of extradordinary locations, France has been a popular setting for filmmakers over the years. With iconic films such as AméliePortrait of a Lady on Fire, and The Hunger Games Mockingjay, France has much to offer to producers in terms of scenary, expert VFX, and economic incentives. In the words of Stephan Bender: "France has all the right ingredients to satisfy any producer!"

Check out our top 5 reasons for shooting films in France in 2020:  

France has fantastic architecture as well as numerous natural wonders. The Hunger Games: Mockingjay takes advantage of the brutalist architecture of Paris, while A Good Year, starring Russell Crowe and Marion Cotillard, exhibits the beauty of the South of France. Keep an eye out for the release of Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch, filmed in the city of Angoulême. 
France makes for great scenery in any film, with a variety of locations to choose from. 

France has a highly skilled workforce that is prepared to take on upcoming films and projects. With more than 25,000 French technicians, France is a practical option for producing new media. 

France has some of the best VFX with graduates from famous schools such as Les Gobelins and Georges Melies. Highly creative, you may recognize French VFX work on films such as Blade Runner 2049 or Ford v Ferrari. Even better, there's a new 10% VFX bonus that increases tax rebates to 40%! 

France is carefully following safety recommendations on all sets throughout the country. Crews and producers are working hard to keep costs low while also providing the best safety for all workers. To help foreign professionals, the National Center for Cinema has set up an online process for entry into France despite travel restrictions. France is prepared to work on new projects while also adhering to safety guidelines. 

France offers a 30% tax rebate that increases an extra 10% with the new VFX bonus! As a result, the Tax Rebate for International Productions is a whopping 40% if the production does a minimum of $2.4 million of post or VFX in France. If your project is a small budget co-production, there is an even better tax rebate offered if you film in the Paris region. If you co-produce with a Paris region producer, and spend at least 100K€ on Paris soil, you can get 50% back on expenses. France's financial incentives make it hard to beat as a filming location!