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TV5MONDE USA Partners With SIFF To Offer Festival Titles On Demand

Image: Le Milieu de l'Horizon by Delphine Lehericey, starring Laetitia Casta

TV5MONDE USA and the Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) are once again entering a content partnership and this year the channel's Cinema On Demand platform will exclusively present the French Cinema Now festival curated by SIFF. The channel’s on demand service is available to subscribers of Comcast’s Xfinity, Fios by Verizon and Sling TV.

With five of the nine films directed by women, many of them emerging directors like Manele Labidi (Arab Blues), actress Sarah Suco making her debut with The Dazzled, and actor Louis-Do le Lencquesaing pulling double duty as star/director, along with established masters such as Robert Guédiguian (Gloria Mundi), this lineup is truly a discovery of new French language film!

Six of the SIFF-selected films will be having their U.S. premieres and are available starting Friday, October 2.


Here's the complete selection (Films marked by an asterisk are having their U.S. premieres)


* Petites danseuses (2020 / Little Ballerinas - English ST) 

Follow the lives of three young girls, ranging in age from 6 to 11, who are growing up in the intensely competitive world of professional dance.

Director: Anne-Claire Dolivet

*Les éblouis (2019 / The Dazzled - English ST)

After her parents force their family to join a religious community, Camille worries only grow witnessing the group's cultish behavior. She vows to do anything to protect her siblings.

Director: Sarah Suco

*Le milieu de l'horizon (2019 / The Middle of the Horizon - English ST)

During the summer of 1976, as Europe experiences an extreme heatwave and its worst drought in recent history, a young boy watches the tensions within his own family reach a boiling point.

Director: Delphine Lehericey

*Vers la bataille (2019 / Towards the Battle - English ST)

Louis, a photographer, crosses the Atlantic in 1860 planning to capture images of the ongoing Mexican Revolution, but his destiny changes when he meets a local peasant.

Director: Aurélien Vernhes-Lermusiaux

 *Les particules (2019 / Particles - English ST)

In a small town on the French-Swiss border, situated above the Hadron Collider, P.A. is finishing his last year of high school when he starts to observe a new phenomenon in the environment. The changes are hardly noticeable at first, but gradually his whole world seems to be on the brink.

Director: Blaise Harrison

*La sainte famille (2019 / The Holly Family - English ST)

Jean, a renowned academic, suddenly decides to become the Minister of Family, despite having no clue how to handle the own dysfunction within his own family.

Director: Louis-Do De Lencquesaing

Un divan à Tunis (2019 / A Couch in Tunis - English ST)

After practicing for years in France, Selma decides to try and start her psychoanalysis practice in the suburbs of Tunis, but the colorful residents present new and interesting challenges.

Director: Manele Labidi

Emma Peeters (2018 / English ST)

At 35 years old, Emma is ready to face the fact that she'll never become a famous actress. Just as she’s about to give up on life entirely, fate intervenes as Emma meets a funeral director named Alex.

Director: Nicole Paloe

Gloria Mundi (2019 / English ST)

In Marseille, a young couple excitedly welcomes their new, baby daughter, Gloria, to the world. However, behind closed doors, they struggle not to let their hard times overshadow their newfound joy.

Director: Robert Guédiguian