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Institut Français and AFCA Brings You The Best Of Francophone Animated Films

Image: Adama by Simon Rouby

For the 10th consecutive year, the Institut Français has joined forces with AFCA (Association française du cinéma d'animation) to offer new international programs.

From October 14th to 31st, a selection of one feature and eleven shorts from French and francophone filmmakers will be available online from the U.S., free of charge and without registration, via the page dedicated to this event.

Adama by Simon Rouby, 2015, 85 min

Twelve-year-old Adama lives in a remote village in Western Africa. Beyond the cliffs, the World of Breaths can be found, where the Nassaras reign. One night, Samba, his older brother, disappears. Defying the laws of the elders, Adama decides to set out to find him. With the unwavering determination of a child becoming a man, he launches into a quest that will take him beyond the seas, to the North, to the front lines of World War One. It is 1916.

Tales of Africa – 6 animated short films made in different African countries (Cinémathèque Afrique offer):

  • Shamazulu by Jérémie Nsingui, Shamazulu has just married the man of her dreams. Unfortunately, she has a complex: she has a very big nose. The evening of her wedding, a magician appears and proposes to change her nose, against a promise: to never abandon her husband.

  • Le Chasseur et l'antilope by Narcisse Youmbi, the first pilot episode of the series was elected Best Animated Film at the Night of the Short Film in Cameroon. Through the character of Papa Nzenu, a griot of the 21st century and the guiding thread of the series, Tales of Africa offers a journey on the African continent through his tales

  • Malika et la sorcière by Nabaloum Boureima, Papa Nzeu is convinced that one always needs someone smaller than oneself. To demonstrate this, he embarks on a fantastic tale: in a dark forest, a witch kidnaps a group of women and a little girl, Malika. Will she succeed in getting them out of there?

  • Le Cadeau by Ismael Dialo, A young girl is disappointed by her friend's gift: a simple shell. Papa Nzenu tells her that one day, in Mali, a young man's destiny changed after his uncle gave him a gourd seed. The value of a gift should not always be material...

  • Les Trois vérités by Louisa Beskri and Wakili Adehan, One stormy evening, a very sick man charges his son with a mission: to pay off all their debts, then return to his bedside. He then tells him three truths that only he holds. But when the son returns home, alas, it is too late...

  • Le Lutteur by Abib Cissé, One night, a woman gives birth to a baby. Unfortunately, the baby is taken away... Years later, he becomes a wrestler and is forced to fight for a living. Will he manage to free himself from this condition and finally find his mother?

Jeux et petites bêtises – 5 non-talking short films for 3-6 year olds:

  • L’Atelier by Bianca Mansani, A young girl throws her grandmother's daily routine into chaos when she visits her tailoring workshop.

  • Matilda by Irène Iborra and Eduard Puertas Anfruns, Matilda can't get to sleep and starts playing with her bedside lamp until the lightbulb finally burns out. She finds herself plunged into darkness! She soon overcomes her fear and, using her torch, starts exploring her room in this new light, and discovers all the magic of the night.

  • Celui qui domptait les nuages by Julie Rembauville and Nicolas Bianco-Levrin, At the top of a canyon the old Indian Flying Shadow teaches the young Nayati the ancient art of smoke signals. This is the meeting of two opposite characters. The boy’s hyperactivity upsets the calm of the old shaman soon causing disaste.


  • Beuaaark! by Gabriel Jacquel, Little Tom has an over-protective mother who makes sure that their house is spick and span completely germ free. And keeps a close watch on what he eats too. They go to town. Mother is on her guard. At least, that’s what she thinks...​​​​​​​


  • Lunolin petit naturaliste by Cecilia Marreiros Marum, Five years old little boy, finds himself in the presence of two hedgehogs that he will first tyrannize, completely unconscious of the sadism of his plays. Then, taking conscience of the "value" of these two living beings, he decides to offer his affection to them and his protection when he finds them hunted down by a cat...