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Fantasy: The First Visual Novel Game By The French National Library To Play Online

Image: The Kingdom of Istyald by The Pixel Hunt - BNF

The Bibliothèque Nationale de France Multimedia Publishing Office has recently published a website dedicated to the genre of fantasy: “Fantasy, A Once and Future Genre”: the opportunity to explore the major themes and characteristics of the genre, through its famous authors and unmissable successes, from its mythical and historical sources of inspiration, to its latest media, cinema, TV and video games developments.

Now available in English, the website displays a free immersive narrative adventure video game, "The Kingdom of Istyald", created by The Pixel Hunt. Richly illustrated, this non-linear story allows the player to explore the wonderful world of Istyald, meet its strange creatures, and save the Tree of Knowledge, the original source of wisdom …


The Kingdom of Istyald from Bibliothèque nationale de France on Vimeo.

Other entries include: 


  • Short and innovative formats that show how fantasy is taking hold of the major societal issues of its time: the emancipation of women, ecology and religion 
  • Reference texts written by specialists, images, iconographic albums and video interviews, to deepen knowledge of the genre.

Visit “Fantasy, a once and future genre