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Soundtrack of Emily in Paris

Courtesy of Netflix

The new Netflix series, Emily in Paris, has an interesting connection between France and Los Angeles: music.

Who is largely responsible for Emily in Paris’s acclaimed soundtrack? Alter K, a French label, publisher, and independent digital distributor.

The Paris-based publishing house has risen to recognition in recent years through their work on a large variety of projects, three quarters of which have been in the USA. These include series such as 13 Reasons Why, Handmaid’s Tale, and Russian Doll.

What is most compelling in this particular case is that the Emily in Paris soundtrack is largely French songs, half of which are from the Alter K’s catalogue, and the music supervisor of the series is from Los Angeles.

The soundtrack includes internationally known French artists, such as Kid Francescoli and French 79, in addition to smaller, more localised artists.

Four of the titles in the series are by French 79, Alter K’s artist from Marseille. Kid Francescoli’s hit “Moon”, which also features in series, has surpassed 38 million streams on Spotify and has been largely popularised through a Tiktok challenge.

Both artists had to cancel US tours this year, yet hope to return in 2021 and 2022.