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SXSW PanelPicker Voting Now Open Through November 20

The 2021 SXSW Festival PanelPicker® selection process has begun! This is now our chance to help shape the content of the online event by helping to select French speakers and organizations among the thousands of session ideas submitted to the Festival last month. Vote for as many projects as you wish, and make sure to do so by Friday, November 20 (end of day).

The panel sessions will be held online in the framework of the 2021 SXSW Online Festival, to be held March 16-20, 2021.

Click on the title of the session here below, then click on "VOTE UP" in the left margin once on the SXSW website.

Building the World's Largest Team of Fact-Checkers

News agency Agence France-Presse has built up the largest news fact-checking operation in the world. How does this help fight disinformation worldwide around elections and what does it mean for the future of journalism? Founding member of AFP’s Fact Checking Project, Sophie Nicholson will be joined by Oluwamayowa Tijani (Nigeria fact-checker), Elodie Martinez (Latin America senior fact-checker), and Yenni Kwok, (Asia senior fact-checker). The panel will be moderated by Reuters journalist Lucy Nicholson. The project has had a strong impact in France, around the yellow vests protests, bringing new audiences. Working with Facebook to get false or misleading posts downgraded, as well as Instagram, and TikTok, AFP sees working with tech companies as inevitable to the future of journalism.

- How can fact-checking rebuild trust in democracy?
- How will fact-checking of social media guide the future of journalism?
- How do hoaxes reappear in different countries and how can journalists collaborate across continents to tackle them?
- Sophie Nicholson, Deputy Editor in Chief, Digital Verification, Agence France-Presse (AFP)
- Lucy Nicholson, Senior Photographer, Reuters
- Oluwamayowa Tijani, Nigeria fact-checker, Agence France-Presse (AFP)
- Elodie Martinez, Latin America senior fact-checker, Agence France-Presse (AFP)
- Sophie Nicholson, Deputy Editor in Chief, Digital Verification, AFP

Lady Sapiens: Breaking Paleolithic Stereotypes

What image do we have today of the prehistorical woman? Nurturer, harvester, submissive woman? Recent studies show she was much more than that. Aided by immersive technologies, archeologists are shaking up the old clichés. Lady Sapiens takes you back 30,000 years to discover her true face: artist, huntress, healer, clan leader…
This multi-faceted project is a collaboration between Little Big Story and France Television, producers of the documentary film Lady Sapiens, and Ubisoft, creator of the prehistoric video game Far Cry Primal. Teaming up with scientists, they created a transmedia program: a full-length documentary on prime-time TV, a VR adventure, an educational short film and an exhibition, that tell you a different story of mankind. Welcome to the Paleolithic Age!

- Discover how the unique immersive qualities of VR help users experiment History in a new light and question their preconceived notions.
- Get inspired by an project exemplary in breaking boundaries between sectors, to enrich one another with more impactful and meaningful content.
- Learn about filming “inside” a videogame, and how a mature game can have a second life as an educational and cultural media.
- Deborah Papiernik, Senior VP New Business and Strategic Alliances, Ubisoft
- Sophie Parrault, Producer, Little Big Story
- Jeanne Marchalot, Head of the Storytelling Research Department, France Television
- Aurelie CLEMENTE-RUIZ, Head of exhibitions department, Institut du Monde Arabe
- Melanie de Riberolles, Director, New Business, Ubisoft International

Music in "Emily In Paris" Bridges French Artists

From the creator of "Sex In The City," Netflix' hit TV series "Emily In Paris" chronicles the adventures of Emily Cooper, a burgeoning marketing executive/influencer from Chicago, who ends up in Paris working for the chicest marketing firm in town. Viewers get a look at some of Paris' most well-known landmarks from the Eiffel Tower to a boat ride on the Seine alongside a soundtrack filled with charming and sophisticated French songs from some of the country's most notable artists. "Emily" brings an audience to Paris that can't travel there right now and through its music modernizes the classic city. Settings Paris is known for is given a fresh feel by native musical artists, bringing the new French culture to the world.

- What were the challenges the show faced in highlighting music that best represented the moment as well as what was reflective of real French culture.
- As music becomes more accessible to a global audience, how does material in other languages translate successfully in the U.S.
- How did the artists benefit from having their music featured in the show.
- Brienne Rose, Music Supervisor, NoiseRacket
- Alexandra Greenberg, US Consultant, Bureau Export de la Musique Francaise
- Olivier Rigoud, Partner, Alter K
- Alexandra Greenberg, Publicist // Us Consultant, Falcon Publicity // Le Bureau Export De La Musique Francaise

A Whole New (Child Privacy) World

Children today increasingly explore their identities and learn about the world online. In a rapidly evolving digital environment, conventional means of empowering and protecting children are no longer sufficient. Our systems and policies must evolve alongside the digital transformation to preserve children's privacy rights online. Panelists will discuss existing and emerging global child privacy protection policies and strategies, key considerations for the public and private sectors, and the need to equip children with digital literacy and citizenship skills.

- Attendees will leave with an understanding of the unique risks and opportunities that children around the world face online.
- Attendees will learn about child privacy policy developments internationally and strategies to better empower and protect children online.
- Attendees will gain ideas on how to better protect child privacy in their roles, whether through product design or digital citizenship curriculum.
- Sonia Livingstone, Professor of Social Psychology, Department of Media and Communications, London School of Economics and Political Science
- Pascale Raulin-Serrier, Coordinator, International Digital Education Working Group; Senior Advisor, Digital Education Unit, French Data Protection Authority (CNIL)
- Sookjung Lee, Associate Professor, School of Media and Communication, Chung-Ang University
- Jasmine Park, Policy Fellow, Youth and Education Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum
- Jasmine Park, Policy Fellow, Youth And Education Privacy, Future of Privacy Forum

Innovation Anywhere: VCs on Global Recovery

One silver lining of COVID-19 has been the push to remote work. For founders, this represents the opportunity to start a company anywhere and secure funding over Zoom.

As a result, Silicon Valley and other well known tech hubs no longer have monopoly on tech and venture capital. The VC industry - just as technology - is shifting away from the dominance of Sand Hill Road resulting in new opportunities for founders in more remote areas all over the world to start companies and raise money.

This panel brings together global investors with ties to China, Japan, France, and the UK to discuss their post-COVID approach to investing and ask the questions --- is this new model here to say and will a more global approach help drive the global recovery?

- Has the global panedemic changed the way VCs think about investing?
- Can companies be started and raise capital from anywhere in the world?
- How will innovation help drive the global recovery? Which regions need innovation the most?
- Dennis Barrier, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Cathay Innovation
- Gen Tsuchikawa, Chief Investment Manager, Sony Innovation Fund
- Carol Cheung, Principal, Cambridge Innovation Capital
- Mary Magnani, Vice President, Clarity PR

Who‘s on First? A How-to Guide for Hybrid Teams

During the pandemic, we were all working from home. Now, we are transitioning to true remote work: working from anywhere. Our teams are becoming hybrid between in-office and remote, with a true choice depending on responsibilities and personal preference. But who’s on first and what’s on second? Like in the world-famous skit by Abbott and Castello, there will be lots of misunderstandings, missed opportunities and a good amount of physical and literal chaos.

In this session, three workplace experts who’ve had thousands of conversations over the past months with executives, thought leaders and creatives around the future of the hybrid team, the hybrid office and work in the post-pandemic world will debate furiously, ask the audience for help and deliver a recipe to an impossible mission.

- Who's on first? Learn the most important rules for building a hybrid team.
- What's on second? Learn how to implement the rules by setting clear priorities and objectives towards a remote-first organization.
- I don't know is on third! Learn how to embrace uncertainty, take heart, reflect on your biases – and make hybrid fun for everybody involved!
- Felix Zeltner, Co-Founder, Work Awesome
- Charles Kergaravat, Director of International Marketing, Klaxoon
- Felix Zeltner, Co-Founder, Work Awesome

By All, for All: Citizen Science to Reveal Cosmos

Finding a new moon around an asteroid, confirming an exoplanet from another solar system or refining the trajectory and the shape of an asteroid coming near our Earth: The uncharted space territories can now be explored by the people, leading to a much better understanding of our cosmic surroundings. Come chat with NASA, the Seti Institute and citizen astronomers from the Unistellar network to learn how to contribute.

- What’s left to be discovered in space ? So much. Think the first exoplanet detection was only confirmed thirty years ago.
- Can amateurs truly contribute to space discoveries ? They sure do: Already almost 10% of asteroids are discovered by amateurs, and most of comets are.
- What about finding extraterrestrial life ? As an amateur, you can contribute, for instance to characterize exoplanets.
- Franck Marchis, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute and Unistellar
- Marc Kuchner, Citizen Science Officer, NASA
- Ludovic Nachury, Head of Communication, Unistellar