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TechRow Partners with French VR Studios


Techrow, the New York based e-Learning company that leverages scalable immersive technology, data, machine learning and curriculum to improve learning and life outcomes, has solidified media partnerships with six French VR Studios to support education initiatives covering subjects like History, Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Social Justice.

TechRow partners specifically with media organizations to distribute premium VR content into the education sector. Their focus is on ensuring students have access to high quality content that aligns to an engaging curriculum. 

The incredible work from French studios Atlas V, La Générale Production, Lucid Realities, Targo, Wide Management, and Wild Immersion, will now be accessible to students in physical and remote classroom environments via the TechRow platform.

"We at Atlas V are proud to partner with TechRow as education is one of the most important pillars for us. As one of our top values, we are thrilled to collaborate with a team that is dedicated to educating and expanding outreach to youth through advanced technology and storytelling.” - Atlas V

"We are very excited to start this great collaboration with TechRow. We strongly believe in the future of VR as an educational tool and we believe TechRow will be the best partner for it” - Maxime Montagne, Head of WIDE VR.

These new partnerships were made possible thanks to the support of the Institut Français, which developed a VR immersive experiences catalogue, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S.

"TechRow is beyond pleased to have the support and collaboration with Institut Français, and the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. The partnerships that we have secured through this collaboration are outstanding and we look forward to working with these VR studios, some of the best in the industry." -Travis Feldler, Founder and CEO, TechRow.

Here's the full list of the French studios' creations which will be displayed by TechRow:

Atlas V

  • BattleScar
  • Caravaggio, in tenebris
  • Kinoscope - A VR journey into the history of cinema
  • Dawn of Art - A journey through the Chauvet cave


Diversion Cinema

  • -22.7°C ​(360 version)
  • Chuang
  • The Real Thing
  • 700 Sharks
  • Equator 360


La Générale de production 

  • Accused #2 Walter Sisulu


Lucid Realities  


  • Claude Monet - The Water Lily Obsession 
  • Condemned to play
  • The Isle of Dead (produced by Les Produits Frais)
  • Leonardo Da Vinci: The universal man
  • The monk by the sea (produced by Gebrueder Beetz)
  • The Sun (produced by Gebrueder Beetz)
  • Beethoven 360 (produced by Camera lucida)
  • Mozart 360 (produced by Camera lucida)
  • A Bar at the Folies Bergère (produced by IKO)



  • Hitler’s Secret Weapons
  • The Weekend Soldiers
  • The Wings of Mosul
  • The Man Behind Notre Dame


Wild Immersion

  • Africa
  • Amazonia
  • Asia&Oceania