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Digital Thursday

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Technologies reshape the way we create, fund, and access artistic experiences. Digital Thursday is a newsletter and a series of online events to gather artists, producers, and experts in interactive and immersive experiences.

Once a month, take a deep dive into the world of French digital creation. What can you expect from our events and newsletters? Discover new video games, podcasts, immersive experiences, and artworks both IRL and online. Go “behind the screen” to learn more about these digital experiences with exclusive interviews featuring artists, producers, directors, and more. Plus, get updates on the latest news and opportunities to immerse yourself in the French creative ecosystem!

Designed as a platform to connect French and US ecosystems, online talks are generally followed by meet-ups with professionals from both sides of the Atlantic (open to everyone interested or by invitation only)! Events are co-produced by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy along with its partners. Find below the past and next events!

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Second season is coming back this fall, see you!




Conference / Meet up - Promoting French Talents in North America

From the brand-new “Digital Playgrounds” program on games and XR to the “French Immersion” grants for online promotion, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the U.S. and its partners invites you to learn more from the on-going calls for projects and insightful initiatives in order to put French XR experiences and videogames on the map. Replay.

Conference - XR & Games: How to build Online Communities?

XR and gaming industry are strongly connected. This panel will explore how studios promote and distribute experiences online with new approaches given by both industries. Replay.

Masterclass by Celia Hodent on Unconscious Biases and Inclusive Design

We all have brain limitations and unconscious biases, and we are mostly unaware of them. How to understand these biases and what is their impact on design and inclusion? Celia Hodent, PhD in psychology, specializing in cognitive development, addressed this question in an online masterclass.  Replay

Release of a Handbook on Immersion in Museums

"The Lab: Making Sense of Immersion in 2021" was a series of 4 talks and workshops on immersive experiences in museums. Key learnings and insights have been compiled into a handbook for museum practionners and immersive experiences producers. This event was part of Les Ailleurs, a new French festival on immersive experiences. More info here

French Immersion VR Meet-Up at SXSW

The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US hosted a unique meet-up in VR at SXSW with “la crème de la crème” of French XR directors, artists and producers. More info here

AR: How To Create A Fictional Reality? 

A conversation on two AR experiences: Aqua AltaMy Own Assistant, as part of Animation First (FIAF) and in collaboration with Villa San Francisco. Replay

Release of "FR//XR: A Handbook For Immersive Producers"

Following a 10-month piloting period, French Immersion partners and Kaleidoscope released "FR//XR: A Handbook For Immersive Producers", highlighting insights from some of the most influential voices of the XR industry. Replay

The Lab: Making Sense of Immersion in Museums

This Lab was a series of four online meetups with key professionals from the XR and museum industries for game-changing conversations. Replay