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May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation
May 15
Live Ideas 2021: Qudus Onikeku, QDance Co. Online Panel, Screening & Conversation

IFcinéma à la carte: Celebrate Francophonie

Corniche Kennedy by Dominique Cabrera

This month, IFcinéma à la carte celebrates the Francophonie, the French-speaking world, with three long feature films available to watch on U.S. territory. They will be available free of charge and without registration, from March 10 to April 10 on this dedicated page. Enjoy!

Corniche Kennedy
Directed by Dominique Cabrera, 2016, France, 1h34

Corniche Kennedy. In the blue of the Mediterranean, at the foot of luxurious villas, the young kids of Marseille defy the laws of gravity. Marco, Mehdi, Franck, Mélissa, Hamza, Mamaa, Julie: girls and boys dive, take flight, take risks to experience life to the fullest. Suzanne devours them with her eyes from inside her chic villa. Their free bodies, their excess. She wants to be part of them. She will be part of them.

Twenty Years of African Cinema (Caméra d'Afrique)
Directed by Férid Bouguedir, 1983, Tunisia-France, 1h30

Some 70 years after cinema was invented, and after more than half a century of colonial cinema in which Africa was used as an exotic backdrop but its inhabitants were often depicted as less than human and portrayed in ways that undermined their dignity, Africans in newly independent countries were finally able to operate the camera themselves. Filming in the face of insurmountable obstacles, lacking both equipment and infrastructures, taking whatever support they could get from within Africa or elsewhere, they strove to convey the many and varied realities of Africa as seen by the Africans who had so long been debarred from self-expression. Shot over a decade, Caméra d’Afrique relates the first 20 years of the new cohorts of creative film-makers that emerged in sub-Saharan Africa, documenting an unprecedented hunger for expression that remains unsated to this day.

Lulu in the Nude (Lulu femme nue)
Directed by Solveig Anspach, 2013, France, 1h30

Following a botched job interview, Lulu decides not to return home, leaving her husband and their three children in the lurch. She premeditated nothing; it all happened quite simply. She steals a few days of freedom for herself, alone, on the coast with no other purpose in mind than to take full advantage of the moment, without feeling guilty about it. On the way, she crosses paths with a variety of people who, like herself, are at the edge of the world: a strange guy protected by his brothers; an old woman who is bored to death; a female employee hassled by her female boss. Three decisive encounters that will help Lulu rediscover an old acquaintance she's not seen for years: herself.