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IFcinéma à la carte: Discover Environment

Image: "Histoires de la plaine" by Christine Seghezzi

For Earth Day April 22, IFcinema à la carte's aim is to discover one documentary and six short films about environment available to watch on U.S. territory. They will be available free of charge and without registration, from April 10 to May 10 on this dedicated page. Enjoy!

Histoires de la plaine
Directed by Christine Seghezzi, 2017, France, 1h12

In the Argentine pampas, the lands around Colonia Hansen are among the most fertiles in the world. For a long time, millions of cows were pasting there in the open air. It was said that the best beef was Argentine.

Planète durable - program of 6 short films

Illustration : Composting
Directed by Elise Auffray, 2015, France, 2min34

Making your owncompost, like growing soil, it is growing life. This is the story of time passing and that transforms a world dying into a new one, present, future and fertile.

Directed by Herve Freiburger, 2017, France, 7min10

Everything seems natural in the painting of an old woman surrounded by verdant fields. Everything seems calm, however, in the middle of the corn, a terrifying threat has gone to ground. A threat that melds with the vegetation and patiently waits to attack.

Directed by Magali Magistry, 2016, France, 13min13

Smog, a toxic mist, has blanketed the planet and forces human beings to live confined indoors. But when you are fifteen years old, like Juliette, real life is outside.

The Cornfield
Directed by Michaël Guerraz, 2018, France, 20min12

Yves has accepted to plant an experimental cornfield on his farm. This decision allows the couple to be more financially stable. As they have a baby on the way, everyting seems to be on up. That is, until one day, Yves descovers some strange sap flowing down an ear of corn.

The Night of the Plastic Bags
Directed by Gabriel Harel, 2018, France, 18min07

Agathe, 39, has but one obsession: to have a child. She finds her ex, Marc-Antoine, a DJ, mixing techno in Marseille. As she tries to talk him into getting back together, plastic bags come to life and attack the city.

Directed by Just Philippot, 2018, France, 17min36

A disturbing cloud has taken shape somewhere in the west. It slowly floats toward the center of the country, driving the population to take to the road. As the cloud inexorably advances, general panic breaks out. This cumulus is acidic.