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IFcinéma à la carte: Cannes Film Festival

Image: "Run" by Philippe Lacote

For May, IFcinema à la carte pays hommage to the Cannes Film Festival with a movie selected in Un Certain Regard competition, available to watch on U.S. territory. It will be available free of charge and without registration, from May 10 to June 10 on this dedicated page. Enjoy!

Run by Philippe Lacote

Run is a runaway who has just killed the Prime Minister of his homeland. Disguised as a lunatic, he begins wandering across the city. He remembers his past through flashbacks: his childhood with Master Tourou when he was dreaming of becoming a rain-maker, his adventures with Gladys the eating champion and finally as a soldier at the heart of a political and military conflict in the Ivory Coast. This is how RUN earned his name. He never chose any of these lives; he just manages to escape from one to the other.

2014 - 96min - French with English subtitles