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Unmaze: Retelling the ancient Greek Minotaur Tale

© "Unmaze", UPIAN/Hiver Prod

Unmaze is a striking combination of graphic novel and video game inspired by the ancient Greek Myth of The Minotaur. The Minotaur was one of the most famous and gruesome monsters in Ancient Greek mythology, usually portrayed with the body of a man and the head of a bull. Based off this tale, Unmaze draws you into a narrative with a puzzle to solve.

True to the tale, Ariadne guides Theseus and her brother Asterion through the labyrinth, it’s up to you (Ariadne) to lead them out of this maze. However, it may not be as black and white as it seems and looks...With every decision, you’ll need to choose wisely, as helping one character will be at great cost to the other.

Not only is this game extremely interactive, assisting Theseus means catching light quite literally- you'll need to place your device in the light so that your phone’s sensor can pick up the brightness. Assisting Asterion is the other way around. Will you be able to guide them both? It’s a game of shadow and light but more importantly about balance. An be careful, this balancing act can cause drama and conflict if you’re not careful.

The plot of this fascinating horror mystery thickens as you play, the characters develop and it’s up to you to choose how you will guide them both out of this maze before they turn into monsters...

There is a deeper message in Unmaze. It’s a game yes, but it’s also an immersive tale on the moral outlook and the complexity of the human soul. It also touches on the potential challenge of finding balance in life and the complexities in decision making. Steeped in reference to Greek mythology, it does all of this while also featuring some of the most surreal and creative 2D art. It’s creative, it’s beautiful, It’s available here.

With a special shout out to ARTE, Upian and Hiver Prod for creating such a unique experience. Here is a little snippet about these talented studios.

ARTE is a Franco-German and European public service TV channel. ARTE supports creativity and culture in all forms. Programs are broadcast 24/7 on all types of screens throughout Europe and beyond. You can find programs in 6 different languages on ARTE’s website here.

Upian does all kinds of cool things, from designing websites to creating mobile interactive experiences. You can check out more of their work here.

Last but not least, Hiver Prod is an independent studio based in Paris and they are purely based on creating and developing video games and interactive experiences. You can find more of their productions here.

We hope you all enjoy the game!