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Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz 2021

"In June, TV France International joined with UniFrance to create a single, stronger entity to promote the wealth of French cinema and audiovisual creation around the world.

Le Rendez-Vous Biarritz is one of the highlights of the audiovisual export industry, the only one dedicated entirely to French production, and under normal circumstances allows us to warmly welcome buyers from all continents on the beautiful Basque coast.
In the spring, we learned that travel in early September would not be allowed, so we made the decision, in agreement with our members, to organize the 27th edition online, the first under the UniFrance banner.

The first market in the season, Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz 2021 has a new studio set in the heart of the Montmartre district to highlight French productions and projects. And as an international showcase, the site lerendezvous.tv, associated to Screenopsis, the largest database of French programs for export.

From September 6 to 8, with French audiovisual distribution companies and in collaboration with their production partners, we are offering an even more diversified program of video content: 13 Super Highlights, presenting new flagship programs; 16 project pitches and a renewed initiative for animation, in addition to documentaries. We will have a question-and-answer session at the end of each presentation to get the buyers to react live. We will also be unveiling an exclusive study, “What’s Hot in France?” on the French successes of 2020-2021 in France and their international potential. You will be able to discover the announcement of the 2021 Exports Awards and discussions with Commissioning Editors about their expectations in terms of programs...

Le Rendez-Vous Bi@rritz 2021 is also an occasion to reveal the 2020 export figures to the press, on September 8, with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC).

Circumstances have compelled us once again to hold our flagship event of the year far from Biarritz, our usual home base, but everyone’s involvement is once again very encouraging. Nearly 300 buyers from more than 60 countries will be participating and 61 member companies have submitted almost 550 programs for screening in Screenopsis."

Serge Toubiana, President of UniFrance

Hervé Michel, Vice-President of UniFrance

Daniela Elstner, Managing Director of UniFrance

Sarah Hemar, Deputy Managing Director of UniFrance in charge of Audiovisual and Digital

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