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French Productions 'Call My Agent!' and 'Kubrick by Kubrick' Win International Emmy Awards!

Call My Agent! Wins Emmy Award for Best Comedy

Two French productions won top prizes at the 49th annual International Emmy Awards, which took place Monday, November 22 at an in-person ceremony in New York.

  • The series "Call My Agent!" (Dix pour cent) – Season 4 won an International Emmy for Best Comedy. The show was launched in 2015 by France Televisions, based on an idea by former agent Dominique Besnehard. It has become an international hit on Netflix, charting the ups and downs of the lives of actors and their agents in Paris. 

Call My Agent! – Season 4
Mon Voisin Productions / Mother Productions / France Télévision / Netflix
Producers : Dominique Besnehard, Michel Feller, Harold Valentin, Aurélien Larger
Directors : Marc Fitoussi, Antoine Garceau
Writers: Fanny Herrero (Created by), Victor Rodenbach
(Head Writer)


  • The documentary "Kubrick By Kubrick" won an International Emmy for Best Arts Programming. The film, produced by Arte among others and selected for the Tribeca festival in New York in 2020 - cancelled due to the pandemic -, is built on exceptional audio tape material of very rare interviews of the American director Stanley Kubrick with the French film journalist Michel Ciment.

Kubrick By Kubrick
Temps Noir / Telemark / Arte France
Producers: Martin Laurent, Jérémy Zelnik, Maciej Kubicki, Anna Kepinska
Director: Gregory Monro

The writers and producers of "Call My Agent", as well as the director and producer of "Kubrick By Kubrick", were in New York for the occasion. They were welcomed by the Cultural Services of the French Embassy on Monday, November 22 for a cocktail in honor of the French nominees before the official ceremony later that day.

This was an opportunity for the two French delegations to talk with journalists and celebrate with their peers, and members of the French diplomatic network. 

On this occasion, Dominique Besnehard (Mon Voisin Productions), Fanny Herrero, the main author of the series who worked on the first three seasons, and Victor Rodenbach, who took over the writing for the last season, praised the fact that the series had "really traveled around the world thanks to Netflix", which is "a great accomplishment".

Dominique Besnehard also announced during his speech at the cocktail party "We're going to close (the series) with a two-hour film - because we still have a lot to tell. It will take place in the United States and in France. We hope to have American stars, we opened the track with Sigourney Weaver (season 4), American actors have called us. Tom Hanks wanted to do the series at some point".

Gregory Monro, director of "Kubkrick By Kubrick", thanked his producer Martin Laurent for making this project possible. To him, this documentary - based solely on archives - is intended "to humanize" Kubrick. Indeed, the filmmaker, who died in 1999, was "a mysterious man who doesn't open up", according to Martin Laurent.

Gaëtan Bruel, director of Villa Albertine, giving a speech in honor of the French nominees

Grégory Monro, director and Martin Laurent, producer (Kubrick By Kubrick)

Producers Michel Feller an Dominique Besnehard (Mon Voisin Productions), screenwriters Fanny Herrero, Victor Rodenbach and Nicolas Mercier, and producers Aurélien Larger and Harold Valentin (Mother production) (Call My Agent!)

Director Gregory Monro and producer Martin Laurent (Kubrick By Kubrick) with Gaëtan Bruel (left), director of Villa Albertine

(G-D) Michel Feller & Dominique Besnehard (Mon Voisin Productions), Fanny Herrero (writer s.1 à 3) Victor Rodenbach (writer s.4), Nicolas Mercier (writer s. 1 et 4), and producers Aurélien Larger & Harold Valentin (Mother production)