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Dailymotion Announces The Distribution Of Warner Bros' Catalog On Vod

Dailymotion signed a deal with Warner Bros that allows it to distribute the American company's catalog to its French users.

By joining the OpenVoD (openvod.dailymotion.com) service Warner Bros provides French internet users a wide selection of movies and TV series including blockbusters like The Matrix, Batman Begins, and Inception, as well as, successful TV series such as Gossip Girl, Friends or The Big Bang Theory.

More than 300 programs were available at launch on October 2nd, and more than a thousand will be posted in the coming weeks. Rented videos will be available for 48 hours each or as a full season package. Moreover, previews of the first few minutes of every program will be available for free.

With this agreement, Dailymotion moves further into the VoD market. Although most of its content is still free, for the past few months the site has been offering paid content from Gaumont, France Télevisions (especially France 3’s "Plus belle la vie"), and, live channels such as DocuBox, FightBox, FashionBox, as well as, Japanese animation and websites like Dybex KZPlay.

Find out more about Warner Bros on Dailymotion HERE.