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Ina Collects Family Films

The Institut national de l'audiovisuel, INA (France's National Audiovisual Institute) is a repository of French radio and television audiovisual archives. Since 2006, it has allowed free online consultation via ina.fr with a search tool indexing 100,000 archives of historical programs with a total of 20,000 hours of footage.

INA has recently launched “Shared Memories” a project that focuses on collecting amateur films. These archives represent an incredible resource for historians, documentary filmmakers and anyone interested in France's cultural history. The project is already underway in the Aquitaine region of France, where 2000 videos have been collected, and it was recently launched in the Lorraine. INA will then categorize and archive these films. The best films will be available free of charge online, and some of them will even be shown on regional TV channels, in movie theatres or during cultural events.

“We are the safeguards of public audiovisual history: these family films will allow us to trigger discussion between history and History”, says Mathieu Gallet, the INA director. The INA is not the only institution that has shown interest in this precious footage. In 2009, the Musée du général Leclerc de Hauteclocque et de la Libération de Paris asked Parisians to share their old films for the anniversary of the liberation of Paris.

People who want to submit their old VHS and film rolls can do so at the nearest cinémathèque where they will be digitized and annotated. Each family must sign an agreement with the cinémathèque giving INA the right to use the film, everyone pictured in the film must also give their consent to any use of the work. If the film is purchased for use in a documentary, anyone included in the film must agree to its purchase.


Source : L'INA lance une collecte de films de famille by Claire Bommelaer (Le Figaro)