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Jun 6
She No Princess, He No Hero Broadcast LIVE on Zoom and Facebook

FireFly Cinema, 2017 Creative Lab Startup, Answers 3 Questions

During the weeks leading up to the third edition of the French-American Creative Lab, we invite you to learn more about the 8 French startups selected to participate in the program. This week, let us introduce you to FireFly Cinema, a start-up specialized in digital color management solutions for the movie industry.

FireFly Cinema offers a complete pipeline, from on-set rushes management to film post-production, and also includes Cloud services and processing.

Thanks to FireFly Cinema’s unique SaaS (Software as a Service) licensing model, productions pay only for what they need, when they need it.

FireFly Cinema’s software has been used for many critically acclaimed films, such as the recent Oscar Award-winning La La Land by Damien Chazelle, Neruda by Pablo Larraín, and Le Passé by Asghar Farhadi….

FireFly Cinema's founder Philippe Reinaudo agreed to answer a few questions:

How did you become an entrepreneur?

For many years, I worked for cutting edge media companies and was lucky to be involved with particularly innovative projects. When I was with Medialab, a leading post-production company in Paris, I built one of the first digital special effects departments in France. In the 2000s, as CTO of the Eclair laboratories, I created one of the top three digital cinema laboratories in the world. The work of Eclair was recognized globally, but because of the decline of the film industry, more traditional production companies started suffering and I could no longer carry out the vision that I had in mind. So, becoming an entrepreneur was a natural next step and together with my business partner, Luc Guenard, we created FireFly Cinema in order to make our dreams a reality.

What are your long-term objectives for Firefly Cinema?

The creation of audiovisual programs is by definition a team effort. Ever since its creation, the goal of FireFly Cinema has been to offer collaborative tools for creative teams. Also, in using the Cloud, we are hoping to make achieving this goal simpler and more efficient. Our hope is that in the next few years, a very large proportion of audiovisual productions will adopt FireFly Cinema's cloud-based solutions to create their programs more efficiently while keeping their production costs low.

What are you expecting to take-away from the French-American Creative Lab?

Ever since the Lumière brothers and the invention of modern cinema, the French have always been at the forefront of technical innovation. However, we have often struggled to find commercial success in the U.S. FireFly Cinema has excellent products such as FireDay and FireCloud but has yet to find the right partner to succeed in its development in the American market. So, we have high hopes that our participation in the upcoming French-American Creative Lab will guide us through the process of raising our visibility in U.S. markets and will help us create lasting and meaningful connections.

FireFly Cinema’s founder Philippe Reinaudo will be in New York from November 6 - 10 and in Los Angeles from November 12 – 15, 2017. If you would like to meet with him, contact us at creative-lab@frenchculture.org.

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