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RacontR, 2017 Creative Lab Startup, Answers 3 Questions

During the weeks leading up to the third edition of the French-American Creative Lab, we invite you to learn more about the 8 French startups selected to participate in the program. This week, let us introduce you to the creators of RacontR. RacontR is an interactive digital design solution for graphic designers, which allows them to create websites, mobile and desktop applications in no time.

RACONTR stands out as an exceptional and interactive digital design solution for creative professionals. Through this platform, creating websites, mobile applications, and desktop applications becomes as easy as possible. As a unique and intuitive cloud-based platform for digital creation, RACONTR is already being used by companies such as Total in Europe, as well as American universities, including Harvard and NYU.

RacontR’s co-founder and CEO Grégoire Sierra graciously agreed to be interviewed:

- How did you become an entrepreneur?

When the idea of RacontR came to me, I started building it right away. As a creative and a coder, I first built this tool for my own personal use. Shortly, French media started showing great interest in an easy-to-use, code-free digital communication tool. Therefore, I created my company to develop and democratize this new solution.

- What are you the most proud of when you think of Racontr’s software?

Besides the people involved in my company, I get my biggest thrill each time I discover a project made with RacontR and have a hard time trying to figure out how it was made, what functionalities or plugins were used to come up with such result.

- Why did you apply to the French-American Creative Lab?

The US market is an absolute priority for our solution. We already have been introduced to creatives in the US and know they are very keen on using RacontR. With the FAC Lab, we are facing a unique opportunity to meet the right people in top corporations and build long-term relationships and great customer service.

Grégoire Sierra will be in New York from November 6 - 10 and in Los Angeles from November 12 – 15, 2017. If you would like to meet with him, contact us at creative-lab@frenchculture.org.

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