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May 11
Avec l'Auteur : Olivier Bodart Online Event (in French) Alliance Française de Chicago
May 11
The Art of Losing by Alice Zeniter ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookshop 972 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10075
May 11
The Art of Losing by Alice Zeniter ONLINE EVENT Albertine Bookshop 972 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK, NY 10075

The second edition of the Tout-Monde Festival: what you missed and what’s still on

Festival theme and highlights:

It is around the theme of Echo-Natures » that the public was invited to deconstruct stereotypes  of the Caribbean, while exploring the deep characteristics and essence of the region through various environments and mediums expressed through visual arts, performing arts, films, literature and social sciences.

Key highlights of the Festival’s performing arts were the “Yué#Sorority” installation and performance at the Pérez Art Museum Miami, the INSULA concert at the opening reception at Koubek Center-MDC, the Raranaval procession in the Design District, the theater play « Hurricanes » at the closing ceremony, and the dance show at Little Haiti Cultural Complex, “Biospere” by Mounka Company who received the Tout-Monde Award for performing arts


As for the visual arts, two exhibitions are still on view: “Echo-Natures: Cannibal Desire” curated by Jean-Marc Hunt and Marie Vickles at the Little Haiti Cultural Center until April 17th, and “Echo-Natures: Rituels Numériques” curated by Yucef Merhi at The Wolfsonian-FIU through April 31st 2019.

An itinerary program with key cultural partners:

The Festival’s program took place in six emblematic venues that each represent a neighborhood, a community and a unique cultural heritage: the Koubek Center-MDC in Little Havana, the Pérez Art Museum Miami and the Museum of Art and Design in downtown Miami, The Wolfsonian-FIU in Miami Beach, the Little Haiti Cultural Complex, and the Institute of Contemporary Art in the Design District.

This year, new partnerships were forged with key cultural partners that strengthened ties between the Francophone, Anglophone and Spanish speaking Caribbean - the Centro Léon of the Dominican Republic, the Koubek Center-MDC in Little Havana, the Miami Light Project and the Colony Theater in the performing arts, the Institute of Contemporary Art in the Design District - as well as ties with  the Consulate  general of Trinidad and Tobago, and of Barbados, that invited artists to the Festival.

Special guests:

Local legend and cultural icon of Miami, gallerist and collector Bernice Steinbaum, and film producer and director, Fanny Glissant, shared their visions and experiences with the artists. Steinbaum, who has always strived to promote artists of color and women artists, gave a moving speech at the opening ceremony on the necessity to pursue the fight for equal representation of women artists and Caribbean artists in the international art market. During Black History Month in February 2019, as official pre-launch event of the Tout-Monde Festival, Glissant was invited by the France Florida Research Institute of University of Florida and the Winthrop King Institute of Florida State University to present extracts of her film « Slavery Routes. » She was also the keynote speaker of the Festival’s film programs.

The festival benefited from the official presence of the Consul General of France in Miami, Mr. Clément Leclerc, as well as that of Cultural counselor of the French Embassy to the United States, Bénédicte de Montlaur. Mrs. Christiane Taubira, former Minister of Justice of France, remained the Cultural Ambassador of the Festival.

Festival Attendance:

1600 persons attended the festival program over five days and in six different venues of Miami.

In total, the audience enjoyed 2 exhibitions (still on view through 17th and 30th of April 2019), 1 in situ installation, 4 performances, 3 music concerts, 2 dance shows, 7 short films, 1 theater play, 4 professional workshops, 2 youth program, all in collaboration with Caribbean artists. The inclusion of professional artists’ workshops was well appreciated by the festival participants;  these workshops focused on specific aspects of an artist’s career   - “Navigating the Miami art world”, “Digital art in the Caribbean and in the USA”, “Programming Caribbean performing arts”, “Contemporary art production in the Caribbean” – and offered added networking opportunities with professionals of Miami’s art world.

Tout-Monde Award:

The Tout-Monde Jury, representing various American and Caribbean institutions, was composed of museum directors (Franklin Sirmans), representatives of cultural centers (Maria Elena Aguayo, Julie Abalain), curators specialized in Caribbean art (Tatiana Flores, Erica Moiah James) and academics or specialists of the works of Edouard Glissant (Valérie Loichot); all members of the jury were truly invested in the Festival’s programs and exchanged with the participating artist.
The festival culminated with the Closing Ceremony that was inaugurated by the Consul General of France in Miami, Mr. Clément Leclerc, during which the Tout-Monde Award was attributed by the Jury to two different categories of artists: an award for the visual arts given to Minia Biabiany, granted with a one month art residence at Fountainhead Residency in Miami, and an award for the performing arts to the Mounka Company for their dance show “Biosphere”, awarded a two-week residence for a choreographer or dancer in partnership with Miami Light Project.

Artists in residence, an effective way in which the festival efforts create meaningful outreach:

Two of this year’s Festival’s participants, Gwladys Gambie, artist from Martinique,  and Giscard Bouchotte, independent curator from Haiti, benefited from a one-month  residence at Fountainhead Residency in Miami in March, to prepare their work for the Festival (drawing by Gwladys Gambie presented at the exhibition in the Little Haiti Cultural Complex and “Raranaval” performance in the Design District curated by Giscard Bouchotte), thanks to a strong partnership with the renowned Miami residence program.

A success that would not be possible without the artists:

In total, this second edition of the Tout-Monde Festival gave the opportunity for exchange between 48 represented artists, among whom 28 are from the French Caribbean - Maher Beauroy, Gloriah Bonheur, Daniely Francisque, Gwladys Gambie, Patrice Le Namouric, Ricardo Ozier-Lafontaine, Jil Servant, Henri Tauliaut, Raymond Médélice, Khris Burton from Martinique ; Minia Biabiany, Guy Gabon, Nathalie Lezin, Atadja Lewa, Myriam Soulanges, Steek, Cédrick Isham, Kelly Sinnapah Mary, Tim Frager, Jérémie Paul, Hugo Rousselin and Samuel Tanda from Guadeloupe ; Jarno Odang, Ramon Ngwete, Anne Meyer and Tabita Rézaire from French Guiana - and 18 artists are from other Caribbean countries : Laura Castro, Dominican Republic ; Jamilah Sabur, Jamaica/USA ; Stephen Arboite, Haiti/USA ; Morel Doucet, Haiti/USA ; Ian Harnarine, Trinidad et Tobago/Canada ; Juan Ernesto Requena, Venezuela/USA ; Pepe Mar, Mexico/USA ; Rodolfo Peraza, Cuba/USA ; Vickie Pierre, Haiti/USA ; Keisha Rae Witherspoon, Jamaica/USA ; DJ Ma Non Troppo with Michael Gil, Arsenio Diaz, Manuel Clua, Cuba/USA ; Caribbean Jazz Proyecto with Rey Guerra Jr, Amed Torrecilla, Coki Sarria Linares, Cuba/USA; Clari Lewis, Venezuela/Puerto-Rico; Shabier Kirchner, Antigua;  - and two Miami based American artists -Patricia Carby et Brandon Cruz.