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Perfect Murders

Perfect Murders is a collection of stand-alone mysteries featuring killers who believe they’ve committed the perfect crime and the investigative duos who relentlessly set out to prove them wrong. It features a rotating cast of investigators, including Antoine Duléry (Little Murders of Agatha Christie) and Philippe Caroit (Murder In…), and some of the biggest names in French television, including Samuel Labarthe (Agatha Christie’s Criminal Games), Bruno Debrandt (Spiral, Cain) and Franck Adrien (Speakerine, The Returned) and Bruno Solo (Blood on the Docks, Grand Hotel), guest-starring as the murderers.

A new episode of Perfect Murders is released each Tuesday on MHz Choice, beginning on October 27th. 

Perfect Murders (2017-)
Cast: Isabelle Gélinas, Arthur Mazet, Julie Ferrier
Language: French (English subtitles)
Episodes: 18
Distributor: MHz Choice

New Episodes every week on MHz Choice