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Cop Or Hood

When a police commissioner is murdered in a prostitute’s house in Nice, divisional commissioner Stanislas Borowitz is sent to investigate the case. In order to track down the ultimate killers in the gang, he goes undercover as a thug, but only to discover that there is a corrupt police organization cooperating with the mafia.

Featuring one of the best performances by Jean-Paul Belmondo (Breathless, Pierrot le Fou), Cop or Hood is a classic French crime thriller whose box office success during its first release made it one of the most popular films in France in 1979.

Cop or Hood (France, 1979)Written by: Michel Grisolia, Jean Herman, Michel AudiardDirected by: Georges LautnerWith: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Georges Géret, Jean-François BalmerRuntime: 107 mins.

Cop or Hood comes out on iTunes, Vudu and Amazon on October 11.

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