Centers of Excellence University Network

Centers of Excellence University Network

A network of American universities leading the way in promoting the French language and culture on US campuses.


The Centers of the Excellence are hosted by major research universities throughout the United States. The Centers’ mission statement consists in expanding and diversifying cooperation and partnerships between American and French higher-education institutions in supporting joint research programs, student mobility, and visiting faculty exchanges. In hosting seminars, lectures, roundtables, festivals, and debates on France and the Francophone World, the Centers contribute to the development of French and Francophone studies on American campuses, and beyond that, to all forms of scholarship related to the language, culture, history and politics of Francophone countries. Their approach is multidisciplinary and encompasses all social sciences and humanities.

The Centers, by broadening and diversifying the cultural, pedagogical and research offer on France and the Francophone World on campuses, aim at generating more interest from the students––both undergraduate and graduate––in French Studies, but also at reinforcing the institutional visibility of the discipline beyond all centers, departments, or schools which focus on the study of Francophone countries.

Each center counts a critical mass of scholars involved in research projects and didactics touching upon France and the Francophone World. The Cultural Services of the French Embassy support the centers through an annual grant and each year fund research projects, cultural events and pedagogical endeavors in the field.

Centers of Excellence

Brown University | Columbia University | Cornell University | Dartmouth College | Duke University | Georgetown University | George Washington University | Harvard University | Indiana University | Johns Hopkins University | Louisiana State University | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | New York University | Northwestern University | Princeton University | Texas A&M | University of California Berkeley | University of California Los Angeles | University of Florida | University of Kansas | University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign | University of Southern California | University of Texas at Austin | University of Virginia | Yale University | University of Wisconsin at Madison | The Ohio State University | Washington University in St. Louis

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