French Curriculum Schools in the US

French Curriculum Schools in the US

The French Ministry of Education has accredited more than 5O schools in the United States.

French curriculum schools in the United States use curricula that are certified by the French Ministry of Education and originally crafted for schools in France. French curriculum schools are celebrated for their high standards, with a focus on languages, the sciences, and a broad, diverse approach to academic subjects.  

As of 2023, more than 17,000 students between the ages of 2 (Toute Petite Section Maternelle) and 18 (Terminale) are enrolled in schools in the United States with a certified French curriculum. 

 The education provided at accredited French schools adheres to the curriculum of France’s National Ministry of Education and Youth (MENJ), which prepares students for the French Baccalaureate. This diploma opens doors to higher education opportunities, both in France and abroad. It is highly valued by colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. 

Most accredited French schools in the United States are independent and administered by boards of trustees, with tuition ranging from $5,000 to $55,000. A few, select charter schools are accredited French curriculum schools and have no tuition fees. 

As of 2023, 581 French schools accredited by MENJ operate across the world, in 138 countries outside of France. Thanks to the shared curriculum among these schools, students can smoothly transition from one to another, whether within the United States, France, or a third country, without the need for admission tests. 

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